Vision boards; reasons yours may not be working and ideas to rectify it.

Have you ever been inspired to create a vision board because all you need to do is collect some pretty images and they will magically enter your life?


Cut, paste and you’re done! Or not?


Maybe it’s been on your wall for so long the glued corners are peeling back or the colours have faded. Do you even consciously notice it anymore?

Here’s what to do when your vision board isn’t working…


Reasons Your Vision Board Isn’t Working

#1 When you glance over at your vision board, is it filled with random, petty images of what you think you would like?

#2 When you gaze at your vision board, do the visuals stimulate the life force within you and help you to focus your thoughts and emotions in that direction?

#3 When you reflect on your desires have you questioned whether you have any mindset blocks that around receiving the things you desire? Maybe some outdated programming or thought patterns that can be called out?

#4 Looking at your vision board, after you made it, did you take physical action toward any one of those desires? How have you changed your day to day behaviour to match what you are intending?


Ways To Rectify Your Vision Board Magick

• Physically write out what you want, using pen and paper or draw a mindmap, to get really clear on the details.

• Follow that by writing or mapping out how you think you will feel when you have achieved what you want.

• Think of ways you can bring those emotions into your everyday routine that anchor those desires into your present circumstances. They don’t have to be grand gestures, something as simple as how you eat or your breakfast or what you eat or where you eat it is already a shift in behaviour.

• Replace images that don’t evoke an emotional connection in you. You might want a new appliance for your kitchen, but you don’t necessarily have to place that exact item on your vision board…


You could link it to how you will feel, let’s say you want a juicer. You find a picture of orange juice splashing across a surface. Now when you look at it you can smell the fresh juice, almost taste it and the vibrant colour attracts your eye.

If you don’t change your consciousness, no matter how many images you place on your vision board, it won’t work!


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