Household chores are only mindless time sucks if you approach them that way. Here’s how you can powerfully and regularly transform the energy in your life as you dust, clean and organise.

Do you loathe housework thinking that you would rather be doing something else?

Do you wish there was a way to make housekeeping more magical?

Enter magickal housecleaning. The alchemical process of taking mundane action and infusing it with deliberate intent.

It’s likely you have heard the Zen adage, “Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water”. To me it means regardless of your heightened spiritual awareness and understanding of the workings of the universe you still can’t escape the simple tasks that are just part of being human and experiencing a world of form.


Introduction to Magickal Housecleaning


When you approach a mundane task from the perspective of begrudging it as a nuisance and longing for escape, you actually negatively taint your experience of it before you begin. So it feels unpleasant and like it takes longer.

The thing is, when you do that you are also exerting a lot of energy and attention on feelings of resentment or whatever housekeeping evokes in you. That is disempowering to yourself.

Why does mom’s cooking always taste so good? Because she pours love into it. She wants to see your needs met, that you are whole and healthy, and that is imbued in the meal on the plate.


If you were to define a “housewitch” you could say they are someone who oversees the place they inhabit in a way that optimises the flow of creative life force. So then chores can be experienced through a fresh perspective ~ as a means to open passages for opportunity and invite more blessings in.

In effect, housework is not keeping you out of doing something better. Rather it is bringing you into a present state of mind, giving you leeway from everyday troubles and concerns as you lose yourself in the simple task right in front of you.

Take note of how you feel while cleaning, what thoughts or visions come to mind during a task and if these develop or shift from beginning to end. Perhaps you are frustrated with someone or a particular process, imagine clearing them from your life and making way for solution to enter.


Want more money? Imagine removing all obstacles to your income stream and reducing debt as you clean away residue.

Want more love? Exude love for the floors, walls and roof that surrounds you.

Just want more of all life’s goodness? Exude appreciation for the equipment you have to clean, the scent of the bio-friendly products you are using and the fact that you are physically able to do this task.


Remember Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice where he was handed a broom and tasked to clean up the space? Your ability to shift and transform energy is pivotal to successful manifesting magick.

Change your mind. Change your mood. Change your thoughts. Change your emotions. Change your approach. Change your outlook. Your ability to alter vibrational frequencies is what determines your knack for magick in this realm.


Your home is a reflection of you, when you are inclined to neglect it, you are resisting some form of introspection or you are opposing change. In turn, this keeps you from letting go of outmoded beliefs and breaking counter-productive patterns so that you can thrive.


“Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success”.

Swami Sivananda


Household chores are only mindless time sucks if you approach them that way.


Turn the rhythmic, repetitive motions of sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, dishwashing, polishing silver and hauling laundry into magickal housecleaning at its finest by using the repetition and rhythm to build a vortex of energy that fuels your dreams, wishes and desires.

Bring your full conscious awareness to the task at hand, losing yourself in the rhythmic repetitive sound and motion, melting into it, going deeper and deeper into full presence with the action.


Allow a pure uninhibited stream of life force to course through you so it becomes a fluid meditation aligning you with higher consciousness and revitalising your core self so that your mind can wander vast magical landscapes, unrestricted by the walls around you.

You are a magnificent, powerful, innovative being, so why allow some chores to dampen your spirit or sway your happiness? Command them to your advantage!


Home is Where the Heart Is

Your home is a hub where energy is collected. Every day you subconsciously bring in energy deposits upon returning home from those you have interacted with.

This can be as subtle as passing them on the street or tuning in to an emotional media story let alone the actual people you consciously engage. Visitors and other household members also trail in energy.

Energy is also transmitted from your home every day when you (and other household members) set forth on tasks; it is also the place where most dreams, planning and goals are born and shared over morning coffee, at the dining table or in bed late at night.)


Your residence is a haven from everyday chaos. It is your place for rest, play, inspiration, growth and creativity.


As you are well aware, your thoughts and actions carry energy…


You may be familiar with the maxim, “cleanliness is close to godliness,” which in my opinion means keeping not only a clutter free home as your sacred space but clear energy about it as well so that blessings may float in with ease and grace.

Ever been in a lifeless, “sick” building? It has no depth. Even the spirit that once inhabited the building materials has receded. There is no pulse to interface and exchange life force and meaning with.



A loved home enhances healing and personal power through sharing consciousness and nourishment.

Your home is associated with the element of Earth, a physical structure that encompasses your physical form, providing refuge from inclement weather, the current state of haphazard society and protecting what and whom you hold dear.


Your home provides you with shelter. By tending to it and overseeing it in return you generate a consciousness around it, a living spirit sustained by your love. This is an extension of your life force, an evolving creative entity that sustains and nurtures you and your loved ones.

When deliberately activated, the ancient Earth energy from Gaia is drawn up from the foundation through the floors and walls, enfolding you and rousing a deep, heartfelt interconnectedness, like being embraced in Divine Mother’s arms.


Become conscious of the energy of your home

• What does it feel like?

• Do you want it to feel different?

• Does it represent the highest intentions you have for you and your loved ones to thrive?

• Are you honouring the ancestral lines inherent in your DNA with some kind of a marker or representative anchor relating to your heritage?

• Have you fashioned gateways for Nature Spirits to share your space?

• What does magical housekeeping look like for you?

• How are embodying this in your household chores?

Repeat this exercise at least twice a year, setting a recurring reminder for mid-March and Mid-September around the equinoxes on your favourite digital device to review this and modify as required.


Keystones for Creating a Magickal Home

Your home is an extension of who you are. It is a means of self-expression, a gateway through which blessings and life force flow and a haven for creativity, development, rest and relaxation.

The way you demonstrate care and mindfulness of your home is a reflection of your internal state and an expression of self-love. Do you believe that you are worthy of a soulful, uplifting environment?

You also set a precedent for the type of energy you allow into your space and consequently who or what is able to enter your world, thus nicely placing firm boundaries. Dissimilar vibrations cannot coexist in the same space. One either has to rise to meet the higher vibe or simply go elsewhere.


How To Create a Magickal Home in Two Steps

1) Streamline it

• Eradicate clutter, donate everything you don’t adore or actually use frequently to charity. This frees up space for more blessings to flow into and around your space. It will also increase precious time saved from looking for stuff and you will feel lighter

• Open workspaces, organised closets and enticing aromas elevate your mood and allow you to relax and expand on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). The place becomes more breathable and conducive to your creativity and strengthened life force which benefits your and your loved ones’ wellbeing

• Symbolically clear the energy in your space with each of the elements to shift electromagnetic and etheric residue and invite their blessings in to maintain your home’s magickal flow twice a year at each equinox.


2) Boost the Goodness Quotient

• Play with lighting, colour and décor. Rearrange furniture and place items that inspire you where you can see them. Do the images on display in your home represent the life you want? This doesn’t have to cost much.

• Laminate appealing prints, arrange things you gather from nature like acorns, river stones, seashells, or driftwood in a bowl, on a shelf or in a windowsill, place an aromatherapy candle in your bathroom, exhibit blooming pot plants, install a Himalayan salt lamp in a dark corner

• Make a Happy Home Bottle with honey or sugar, a vanilla pod, some dried orange peel, cinnamon, dried basil and chamomile flowers adding a strand of each household member’s hair or a happy family photo. Empower it for blessings of love, luck, peace, happiness, prosperity and protection. Keep it in a safe place (hidden from prying eyes if need be). Thereafter charge it once a year when the Full Moon occurs in Cancer.


Power mantra:

I clear and bless my home on all levels for comfort, love, amity and all good things to flow.


Simple Tips to Start Today


17 Ways to Put Housecleaning into Action

1. Daydream about what is yet to come, immerse yourself in how you will be handling these chores when you have achieved your dreams. E.G. Perhaps you will hire someone and look forward to coming home and basking in the fresh energy after they have been.


2. Use eco-friendly products ~ you don’t really want to use the product that strips flesh from bone and requires a Hazmat suit to clean your shower or oven now do you? Lemon, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are really helpful!


3. Enjoy inhaling the heavenly scents of pure lemon, pine, thyme or cinnamon essential oils added to warm soapy water for rinsing countertops, baths, basins, windows or floors.


4. Chant your intentions into your cleaning materials so that the magical force behind your words expand like starbursts throughout your home, swirling into the ether.


5. Play loud bass-heavy music or tribal drumming to boost your energy levels and disperse stagnant or dense energy. Play soft, light music like crystal bowls, baroque or classical to uplift your spirit and encourage nurturing, inspiring energy.


6. Visualise the clearing away of heavy, stale residual energy that no longer serves your family, health, career, finances, spirituality and success.


7. Imagine you are blazing a pathway for revitalising, inspiring energy, possibilities and opportunities to flow into your life. Attracting synchronicities and new people into your circle of friends and support network.


8. If you have a specific goal, sense the flow of fresh sparkly life force dissolving obstacles and removing blocks to your attaining your wish as you scrub the grime away. Craft from a clean slate from this moment on.


9. Appreciate the transformative nature of grubby clothes or dishes coming out the other side clean and ready for new, more, better. Wash the “bad days” away with laundry.


10. Reminisce happy memories, celebrate achievements and acknowledge individual qualities while you dust.


11. Clean windows and mirrors to bring clarity and solutions, a shift in perception or what is hidden into awareness. Perhaps you want to spruce up how the outside world perceives you or your reputation?


12. Ironing can be turned into powerful visualisation exercise for reshaping a situation with some determined visualisation and focus.


13. Let scrubbing the toilet denote purification, eliminating toxins and other energy drains. Plunging = optimising flow *cackle* The same applies for unclogging drains.


14. Mopping floors can be useful for examining where you feel supported and secure and where you don’t; health wise, financially or in your relationships. Floor = stability/foundation to your creations. What are you building your dreams on? Are you supporting your thoughts with observable daily actions?


15. Your entrance hall/foyer/front porch represents what you send out into the world and what you return with. Is the way it greets you pleasing?


16. Regularly decluttering your fridge, cabinets, wardrobes etcetera makes room for more in your family’s life. Spreading abundance by giving freely to those in need begets more abundant returns for you and yours.


17. Sorting and organising is indicative of what you are choosing for yourself, spending time and energy on and reacquaints you with your core values. How can you simplify? What needs to be added? What needs to be removed?


Golden rule: Only do it when you feel like it. You don’t have to iron. You don’t have to fold the laundry. It can wait until you are ready to enchant it, even if that means bribing yourself with a promise to engage in an indulgent bath and beauty routine afterwards.

The best timing for deep cleaning and dirt removal is on a Monday during a waning moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces). It’s not always convenient on the calendar but you can turn Magical Mondays into a regular house blessing ritual. After all… “I wish I hadn’t welcomed more blessings into my life.” Said nobody. Ever.


Timeless Housecleaning Icons ~ Brooms and Cauldrons

Why are witches depicted with brooms and cauldrons? What is it really about? When you consider it, a broom is a transformative tool.

Brooms are literally used to create change in your environment simply by removing the stale unwanted debris from your space. While on an unseen level cleaning creates room for new, fresh energy to enter your space.


Combined with a little active imagination, just think of all the possibilities each sweep and swish of your broom brings!


Modern mages use brooms to remove stagnant or negative energy from their homes, businesses and ritual space. While cleaning physical dirt, psychic (energy) dirt can enter your space too creating imbalances in the atmosphere that may lead to tension amongst the occupants.

The next time you pick up a broom notice not only how the area feels fresher and brighter physically but use it as a means to visualise obstacles and limitations leaving your life, so that the space itself is imbued with positivity and love that restores balance and harmony.


Consider the emblematic cauldron that boldly stands beside the witch, simmering and bubbling with otherworldly hues…


Quite simply a cauldron is a cooking pot − back in the day it was over an open fire to provide sustenance for those who would ingest its contents. As a cooking pot the cauldron is also a transformative tool, it turns cold to hot, infuses flavour and scent and converts from one form to another.

As you know, you won’t get very far in the physical form without food… but what about the cauldron within you? Your soul self that animates the vibrating mass of stardust and molecules that you are.

Just like the magick lies within you to enhance your life. When you know how to interact with the world from this core of your being that is never separate from its original Source you can transform your experience of reality.

The cauldron is a symbol associated with someone wise to the workings of the universe. When you understand and adhere to the principles that govern the “cooking pot” of creation, beyond the confinement of the material realm and matter that appears to be real you are able to access infinite wisdom, abundant love and copious blessings at will.



How to Honour Your Kitchen as Today’s Hearth Fire

Today’s modern kitchen is the equivalent of the hearth fire from days of old. It is the heart of your home since it is directly linked to nourishment and abundance. It bears the spark around which meals are prepared and later enjoyed at the dining table with loved ones.


• Give it some love with a fresh coat of paint, sand the cabinets down or add a new pot plant and some crystals to the windowsill. Repair broken appliances and fittings; get rid of gadgets and utensils you never use, move the stove and fridge forward to clean behind and under them making room for fresh blessings.


• Dedicate a shelf or corner nook to an abundant archetype with images or ornaments such as Ceres or Demeter, cornucopias overflowing with food, paintings of feast tables, orchards, farmland and the like. Frame the pictures or improvise by laminating several small pictures, tying some pretty string along a piece of wall or along the pelmet, attaching the images with shiny pegs.


• Take a small glass jar with a lid and fill it with barley or sesame seeds or substitute with a miniature bottle of whiskey or brandy (derived from grains). This symbolically “contains” your prosperity so that it remains a constant in your life.


• Have a devotional Kitchen Candle that you light while you are preparing meals to honour both the symbolic hearth fire and divine spark within.


• Keep a chunk of rose quartz beside your stove (folk lore suggests it helps prevent food from burning). I think it’s calming and contributes to the love you pour into your cooking plus the kitchen faeries like it!


Give thanks for the sustenance you receive and ask for all food that passes through your kitchen to be blessed so it nourishes your family’s bodies in the most optimal way.


Water Blessing; hold the container in your mind’s eye, imaging light entering your crown and streaming out from your heart centre, brow or palms (however you experience running energy) to imbue the water with your intentions for a happy, healthy, prosperous household.


Cultivate a veggie patch or grow your own herbs. If there is room start a communal garden where an entire block of neighbours can all contribute, tend and share the harvest. Keep it organic and GM free. Meditate there, commune with the plant devas and anchor your energy into the Earth’s grid.

Wood is chopped.
Water is boiled.
Brooms are swished.

3 Best Tips for Keeping Your Home Blessed and Positive Long Term

A space clearing removes undesirable energy from property. Obstacles and energetic limitations are removed, balance and harmony are restored and the space feels lighter and more confident. Occupants have more energy and are more positive because the vibrations around them are raised.

There are 3 steps to keeping your house blessed and positive long-term without constantly performing house clearings.


1. Purify

A clearing removes stagnant or negative energy from a space. After performing a house clearing, I highly recommend following up the procedure with a personal ritual ablution such as a sea salt scrub and bath/shower to release debris from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


2. Harmonise

A blessing provides yourself, your environment, your life and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible for optimal performance. Above, I give you some examples for how to boost the Goodness Quotient in your environment, like playing with colour, décor and creating enchanted bottles.


3. Preserve

Install a permanent energy filter in the entrance of your space. In this way anyone entering your space will be washed of discordant energy.

• Stand in line with the centre of the main doorway or archway of entry to your home/office/wherever you want one.

• Imagine a large, swirling sparkly vortex cone slowly rotating in this spot (kind of like where you would place a welcome mat in relation to the door). Then say something along the lines of:


 “It is my intention to install this cleansing vortex in this space to purify the energy bodies of all who enter here in accordance with their Highest Good. Let those who pass through here stand in their Highest Truth.


May any discordant vibrations be removed from their aura and funnelled into the Earth for transmutation. Shower all who enter here with peace and love. I declare this vortex remain functional and set in place until otherwise instructed by me.


Should this cleansing vortex no longer serve our Highest Good, it will shut down and cease at once. And so it is.”


You can also grid your property by burying pieces of deliberately attuned red jasper, black tourmaline or smoky quartz in the four outermost corners of your yard.

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.