How To Clear Limiting Beliefs |

Harnessing mind power to change your thinking.

When you decide to transform something, the most challenging part is releasing old conditioning and thought patterns that no longer serve who you are becoming.

They hinder your progress with echoes of, “Oh, you shouldn’t do that” or “That’s not how I raised you” or “Our family isn’t that lucky”.


These thoughts appear at the first sign of making deliberate change and keep bouncing you back from the present moment (where all your power is) so you continue to live from the past. This in turn affects the decisions you make and the quality of your experiences now.

Below you will find the two most powerful methods that I teach my clients and employ personally. Use them as frequently as you need to, daily at first and then gradually whenever you feel you need a boost to the next level.


1. Burn Baby Burn

When you notice an unserving thought seeping in such as, “I’m not smart enough” or “this will never take off”, imagine it burning out of your aura, casting it from your energy field like a solar flare coming off the Sun. {Click here to get the visual on this}. You can change the colour of the light to violet or whatever colour feels right for you.

Don’t worry that you are leaving those thoughts out in the ether to affect others. Fire is a potent transformative element and you are literally rescinding it, returning it to its original form as pure Source energy within the matrix.


Whenever those nay saying ego-imp thoughts start niggling about what you are doing, how you are choosing to do it and the judgements others may place on you, just burn it off and move forward to cancel out and nullify their effect.

Both of these techniques can be implemented for anything you are shifting in your life ~ more money, meeting your perfect match or getting a promotion. I have just used the exploration of the occult here as many of you write to me about this! Besides “occult” literally means, “what is hidden,” just like an occultation is the term used to describe an eclipse.


2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This technique works off the meridian points of the body for release of energy blockages. To learn more about it just hop on over to YouTube and watch this introduction to EFT tapping. There is a handy reference chart of the tapping points over here. 

At first glance, it may appear as though you are focussing on the negative by listing out how you honestly feel and all the ugly thoughts that surface, BUT actually it emphasises self-love and acceptance.

Remember not everything you think is true! You are not your conditioning; it is learnt through socialisation and enculturation and can be unlearnt and replaced with better serving thought habits.


Here are some EFT prompts to get you started:


“Even though the occult is evil and casting spells is bad.


Even though I’m going to fry and my family would disown me if they knew.


Even though my spells don’t work and I’m scared I’ll do something wrong that harms others.


Even though my heart and soul is deeply drawn to the call of magick and I’m scared to act on it because I don’t know what will happen next.


I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


Make sure you take a nice deep breath in and exhale after tapping to reaffirm the release of energy. The more you engage EFT the easier it will be to identify self-sabotage and the quicker you will be able to release limiting beliefs to your progress.


Power Mantra:

I may have given my power away to you before but you have no power over me now.

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