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How to apply lunar energy streams practically to positively influence your personal situation each week of the lunar cycle to activate your highest most joyful path.

Myth Buster #1: You do not need to travel long distances to be in nature. Just consciously tune in to feel the warmth of the sun, glow of the moon and shimmer of starlight. Listen. Sense. Breathe. Deep magick resides everywhere.

Myth Buster #2: It doesn’t matter if you don’t identify as a “Pagan” to actively work with the energy of the lunar phases in your favour. This article is NOT about moon or deity worship.

All the suggestions herein are easily adaptable to suit any path. I show you how to explore lunar rhythms in tandem with basic astrology in a way that brings this ancient wisdom to life.


Lunar Phase Magick is Good For You |


Why Synchronising With Lunar Phases is Good For You

If you know the times of action and rest, doing and being, allowing and receiving you no longer push against the natural tides that govern the ebb and flow of creation in our world.

Similar to spring, summer, autumn and winter there is new moon’s conception, waxing moon’s developmental stirrings, full moon’s new awareness, waning moon’s clarity then dark moon’s interlude before the cycle repeats.

By synchronising with the lunar phases, you can consistently partner with the natural energy flow in your favour for the varying stages of any undertakings, projects or endeavours in your life.

Wise Ones know that lunar magic is about melding your energy with that of the moon’s sway on Earth to support and sustain your objectives.

By easing into this natural rhythm you automatically align with the present moment where your personal power is strongest.


1) Business

Schedule fortuitous times for meetings, dealings with attorneys, placing adverts, meeting with investors etc.

2) Personal

Know when it is a favourable time to focus on your home environment and loved ones, visit the spa, get your hair styled, see a dentist.

3) Spiritual  

Tune into the cycles of ebb and flow, creativity and stillness, observe the moon’s effect on yourself and those around you.

4) Magical

Time your harvesting, ensorcelling, altar work, intention setting, and other techniques for maximum power deliberately creating and purposefully casting.

5) Environmental

Gardening aligned with lunar rhythms such as sowing, planting, harvesting, pruning, etc. yields tastier, healthier and more nutritious crops and fortifies natural pest control and organic methods.

Resulting in more beautiful flowers, stronger trees and better storage life of herbs, roots, seeds, flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetables


Phases of the Moon

By synchronising with the lunar phases, you can consistently partner with the natural energy flow in your favour by positively influencing the varying stages of any projects or endeavours in your life because going with the flow is easier than pushing against it!


The phase the Moon is in gives you an idea of what the energy of the next few days will be like.


Attuning to lunar phases helps you align with natural energy cycles so that you are aware of the energy highs and lows conducive to creating, developing, releasing and resting. It also helps you to find balance in different areas of your life, body, mind and soul.

For example:

The waxing moon time is supportive of expansion, inspiration and creativity while the waning moon time is gestative, purging and discharging.


New Moon

Day 1 – 3 of the lunar month

An ideal energy for initiating anything new such as moving home, moving in with someone, getting married, job hunting and applying for promotion.

Because new moon energy is about the unseen stirrings of life force that occur in the dark beneath the ground (akin to the germination of a seed) it is the time to sow your prayers, thought seeds and desires to take root and sprout as the light of the moon increases.

∞ For step by step instructions how to perform your own new moon ritual click here.


Waxing Moon

The waxing moon phase includes:

• Crescent moon (days 4 – 7 of the lunar month)

• Half moon waxing also called first quarter moon (days 8 – 11 of the lunar month)

• Gibbous moon (days 12 – 14 of the lunar month)


The waxing phase that occurs between New Moon and Full Moon is a time for growth. It is a time for setting intentions for manifestation.

This makes it a creative time because energy is heightened, clarity of vision transpires and there is a magnetism that draws opportunities and possibilities toward you. Use this energy for constructing goals.


An easy way to determine if it is waxing moon phase:


In the Northern hemisphere ~ when you look at the moon in the sky the rounded edge is on the right. It looks like a D.


In the Southern hemisphere ~ when you look at the moon in the sky the rounded edge is on the left. It looks like a C.


If you are at the equator, half moon waxing looks like an n
(or inverted u).


Full Moon

Occurs 14 to 17½ days after New Moon (days 15 – 17 of the lunar month)

Full moon phase occurs when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, creating an arc of energy between them over our planet. This arc creates a sensation of inner fullness, manifestations ripen or come to fruition and perception is sharper.

The intense energy amplifies the qualities of the sign the moon is in when it takes place. It also affects individuals who have the same sun sign more deeply. It is an excellent time for expressing appreciation and counting your blessings in order to receive and invite further manifestation of blessings in your life.

Important! Please note: Some sources state that the full moon is a time for release. This is serious MISINFORMATION. By simply applying common sense, one can see the moon is at the peak of its light and in no way representative of release (as is the waning moon phase when the light is decreasing in the sky)…

∞ For step by step instructions on how to create your own simple solo full moon ritual, click here.

∞ For step by step instructions on how to successfully “draw down the moon” at full moon, click here.


Waning Moon

The waning moon phase includes:

• Disseminating Moon (day 18 -21 of the lunar month)

• Waning Half Moon (day 22 – 25 of the lunar month) It’s also called Last Quarter, 3rd Quarter or 4th Quarter.

• Waning Crescent (days 26, 27 and 28 – where relevant of the lunar month. Also called Balsamic Moon.


The waning moon phase is conducive to taking action toward your goals constructed during waxing moon. It’s time to apply the insights received during the waxing phase.

Banish obstacles to your goals, deconstruct circumstances you wish to remove from your life and release any concepts, patterns or habits that no longer serve you.

Waning moon is also a time for introspection, evaluation and release of what is no longer working or serving you. Favourable for easing addiction, separation, divorce, bringing justice to bear, breaking bad habits, finding lost or stolen items and neutralising situations.


Dark Moon

Occurs 10½ to 14 days after Full Moon (day 28 or 29 -where relevant of the lunar month)

A quiet time for soul-searching, stillness and rest, three days before New Moon. Practise divination for the month to come or to reflect on the past month. Focus on personal issues in solitude for a while. Release toxic emotions.

Listen to your body, integrate your experiences this past cycle and focus on activities that bring you back into harmony with your core self and Spirit. All rejuvenation is amplified tenfold.


One Moonth at a Glance:

First Quarter of the lunar cycle ±7 days

New to Half Waxing 0º to 90º

Second Quarter of the lunar cycle ±7 days

Half Waxing to Full 90º to 180º

Third Quarter of the lunar cycle ±7 days

Full to Half Waning 180º to 270º

Last Quarter of the lunar cycle ±7 days

Half Waning to Dark 270º to 0º


Void Of Course Moon

Occurs every two days or so and can last anywhere from a few minutes to two, or sometimes twenty hours!

When the Moon moves from one zodiac sign to another, just before it enters a new sign, it will make one final aspect (angle/connection) to another planet. The interval of time between that last aspect and the Moon entering the next sign is referred to as “void of course”.

Since the moon governs your deepest feelings, self-expression and emotional nature, during moon void of course you can feel disconnected and distracted so your judgement may be impaired or things can go off in unforeseen directions.

Thus VOC is considered unfavourable for setting big goals, making major decisions, purchases or repairs because they can turn out quite differently than planned. Material projects begun when the moon is void rarely come to fruition.

It is favourable for spiritual/non-material concerns such as; relaxing, taking a breather, doing something fun, gardening, meditating, continuing with a light intellectual workload, carrying out routine tasks related to general upkeep, working on projects you have already initiated and exercising.


Moon Effects on Emotions |


How to Navigate Your Day with the Moon

How the zodiac sign the moon is in affects you and the potential success of certain activities.

The moon governs your deepest feelings, self expression and emotional nature regardless of your personal astrological chart.

The moon does not “cause” anything per se; it purely mirrors forces that already exist within your consciousness.


While lunar phases indicate the type of energy we will experience for approximately 7 days, the zodiac sign the moon is in will set the mood or theme that supports the energy of certain enterprises, giving them the potential to be that much more successful for the 2-3 days it is liaising with that sign.


Even in a corporate setting, you can implement the natural flow of energy into your workplace for auspicious dealings such as setting up contracts, signing contracts, meeting, networking, PR, HR and advertising.

For example:
Moon in Gemini has a social, talkative mood which is favourable for communication, meetings, networking, socialising, presentations, change of residence, writing reports, public relations, travel, study and research.

Certain signs yield better results. That is not to say you can only do these things on these days, they will simply flow better and allow a boost of magick to unfold.


Moon in Zodiac Signs |


The Moon’s Influence Through All 12 Zodiac Signs


Moon in Aries

Favourable for; authority, rebirth, spiritual conversion, will power, job hunting, taking calculated risks, finding new friends and adding spark to romance.


Moon in Taurus

Favourable for; love, prosperity, tenacity, self-indulgence, sensual pleasures, banking, debt-collection, budgeting and business, jobs that require patience and bringing stability to relationships. Unfavourable for securing loans.


Moon in Gemini

Favourable for communication, meetings, networking, socialising, presentations, change of residence, writing reports, public relations, travel, study, research and magick.


Moon in Cancer

Favourable for home life, taking care of all domestic matters, emotional commitments, divination, peace and protection.


Moon in Leo

Favourable for asserting authority, power over others, public acclaim, socialising, making a good impression, exuberance, vivacity, fulfilling goals, courage, fertility and preparation for childbirth.


Moon in Virgo

Favourable for employment, intellectual dealings, concentrating on intricate tasks and precise detailed work, making repairs and helping others reason logically, health and dietary concerns, finding things, self-analysis and decision-making.


Moon in Libra

Favourable for justice, legal cases, resolving conflict, fairness, partnerships, unions, mental stimulation, aesthetics, love and romance, art, karmic, spiritual and emotional balance.


Moon in Scorpio

Favourable for physical passion, psychic matters and development, intuition, discovering secrets, locating stolen property, divination, transformation and requiem. Salutary for the bladder and genitals.


Moon in Sagittarius

Favourable for publications, legal matters, travel, truth, exploring, taking advantage of abundant energy, generosity, making travel arrangements and planning business trips.


Moon in Capricorn

Favourable for signing contracts, closing business deals, finance, organising, restructuring, career, promotion, self discipline and political dealings, setting rules and regulations, protection, evaluating goals. Unfavourable for bargain hunting!


Moon in Aquarius

Favourable for science, breaking bad habits and addictions, freedom, creative expression, boosting new ideas and viewpoints, problem-solving, doing something differently or new, leadership, studying, self-esteem and extrasensory abilities.


Moon in Pisces

Favourable for dreaming and dream analysis, psychic abilities including clairvoyance and telepathy, visualisation, meditation, divination, ritual baths, music, the arts and practicing service to others.


Healing Magick |


How to Collect Healing Moonbeams

It is advantageous to craft healing remedies for areas of the physical body on days when the moon is in the zodiac sign associated with them.


Because your product will be packed with more healing resonance to restore vibrational balance and stimulate healing of the ailment.


Back in the day when ancient astrologers observed the seven visible celestial governors (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) they considered the Moon most Earth-like and actually referred to the natural world as the sublunar realm.

The Moon produces no light of its own. Instead it reflects the radiance of the stars. As such the Moon was viewed by ancient astrologers as an ambassador transporting the light of the other heavenly bodies to the physical plane each time it aligns (aspects) with one of them as it moves through the zodiac signs across the sky.


Essentially moonbeams consist of frequency encoded messages or transmissions of consciousness.


However, it would be an unfavourable time to undergo invasive treatment on these areas when the moon is in the sign that affects them because they are more sensitive on these days and will take extra strain.

For example:
Gemini rules the nervous system, shoulders, arms and extremities as well as the lungs. So it is favourable to craft tinctures, lotions, aromatherapy blends, bath salts and the like for those areas of the body on days when the moon is in Gemini.


Make more moon magick |

Moon in Aries
Helpful for mixing and charging remedies for the head, eyes, face and subrenals (incl. adrenal fatigue, burn out)

Moon in Taurus
Useful for mixing and charging remedies for the mouth, tongue, throat, neck and thyroid.

Moon in Gemini
Beneficial for mixing and charging remedies for the nervous system, shoulders, arms and extremities and the lungs.

Moon in Cancer
Constructive for mixing and charging remedies for the stomach, endocrine system, alimentary canal, digestive system and mammary glands.

Moon in Leo
Valuable for mixing and charging remedies for heart, spine, back and solar plexus.

Moon in Virgo
Productive for mixing and charging remedies for the nervous system, intestines, spleen and gall bladder.

Moon in Libra
Salutary for mixing and charging remedies for kidneys and the skin.

Moon in Scorpio
Useful for mixing and charging remedies for the bladder and genitals.

Moon in Sagittarius
Helpful for mixing and charging remedies for the liver (incl.insulin resistance), hips, thighs and buttocks.

Moon in Capricorn
Beneficial for mixing and charging remedies for knees, skeletal system and teeth.

Moon in Aquarius
Valuable for mixing and charging remedies for circulation, lower limbs, shins and ankles.

Moon in Pisces
Productive for mixing and charging remedies for feet, veins and the pineal gland.

By “charging” I refer to placing the remedy in the centre of a crystal grid or streaming Reiki into it under the appropriate moon signs. This can apply to prescribed allopathic, naturopathic and homoeopathic medications as well to boost their inherent properties and the healing intentions behind them.

seasonal lunar witch

Applying a Seasonal Focus with the Moon

As human beings, at times we become fixated on being the best, succeeding at all we do. Yet even after accomplishing our goals we may find that we are dissatisfied and unfulfilled, we crave more… We may be unhappy or unhealthy, simply disconnected. Reflecting on the seasons while observing the lunar phases will help you restore balance — body mind, heart and soul.

The first lunar cycle of a season is usually introduced through a cardinal sign. It bears the strongest charge for change to initiate fresh projects and aspirations.

The second lunar cycle of a season is usually accompanied by a fixed sign. It carries the strongest sustaining energy to lend stability to your commitments and/or boost endurance in your endeavours.

The third lunar cycle of a season (the last month) and thus the turning of the season, is usually escorted by a mutable sign. It brings the strongest current for adjusting to wrap up undertakings, shift focus and consider the next season.


Emphasising the Elements with the Moon

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Waxing lunar phase = An energy tide for attracting and building.

New Moon = Setting new/revising existing intentions, sowing thought seeds, beginning new habits.

Waxing Moon = Creating to bring goals to fruition, envisioning success, magnetising opportunities, receiving inspiration and expanding your vision.

E.G. Attract a romantic partner, increase finances, nourish and strengthen health, attract business opportunities.

Full Moon = Bringing subconscious (hidden) into conscious awareness (light), divination, healing, appreciation, honouring.


Waning lunar phase = An energy tide for deconstructing and releasing.

Waning = Actively doing and taking physical action toward your aspirations, getting clarity around what is and isn’t working, tying up loose ends regarding finishing projects.

E.G. Remove obstacles to finding your best love match, reduce debt, detox and remove hindrances to health, implement business strategies.

Dark Moon (the 3 days before new moon) = rest and rejuvenation, potent healing and toxin removal.

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And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.