How to Create a Spiritual Retreat at Home |

How can you create your own spiritual retreat in a weekend? Are you just too tired? Here’s a different approach to planning your week ahead.

Many of us already have a full weekend before it starts, especially if we are working full time with a family in tow.

By allocating your time differently via the suggestions below, you will be able to schedule at least one weekend a month as your private spiritual retreat to pamper and nourish body, mind and soul.


Here’s how:

1. Cut down on your TV viewing. Record only your utmost feel-good favourite shows to catch up on week nights.


2. Do housework such as cleaning and laundry on Monday (supported by the Moon for optimal stain removal effects) 


3. Shop after work on a Tuesday (supported by Mars for the bargain ‘hunt’). Alternatively buy as much as you can online with a standing order ~ like a weekly delivery of an organic fruit and veg basket


4. Catch up with friends on Wednesday in person with a mid-week dinner or via social media and phone (supported by Mercury for great conversation and enhanced socialising skills)


5. Hold committee meetings on Thursday (supported by Jupiter for generosity, discussion and improvement)


6. Friday night is some form of “date night” whether you are single and looking or committed and settled (supported by Venus for love and romance). Set a regular date with yourself to create something beautiful through a hobby you love.


7. Saturday and Sunday: Your Spiritual Retreat!

➜ List everything that is buzzing around in your head to do for the coming week in your diary (or digitally on a handheld etc). Now that it’s noted and in safe storage you can let go of it for the next 48 hours.

➜ Turn off and stay away from TV, radio, internet and mobile phones. If possible, you can attempt a silent retreat or at least semi-silent, speaking only when absolutely necessary with as few words as possible.

➜ Engage in anything you find peaceful and uplifting, such as gardening, painting, hiking, writing, listening to spiritual audio recordings or reading an inspiring book. If you can, pack up and go to a beach, dam or nature reserve. Be in nature as much as possible.

➜ Make sure you have fresh fruit or trail mix type snacks and some delicious sandwich fillings to graze on when you feel hungry so that you don’t have to spend too much time preparing meals.

➜ Drink lots of water to flush your system. If you feel like eating breakfast for supper or lunch at 16:00 do so. If you feel like taking a nap or several do so.

➜ Breathe deeply and fully.

➜ Take a bath in 2 or 3 handfuls of sea salt or exfoliate with sea salt before showering. Optional: smudge your aura and body with purifying incense such as cinnamon, sandalwood, frankincense or rosemary.

➜ Sit or lie comfortably and spend some time exploring each chakra from root to crown, balancing and re-energising where necessary. You can combine this with a crystal layout if you are so inclined.

➜ If you have a favourite oracle deck or some other form of divination tool, check in on the potential focus for your week ahead.


The main purpose is to

Relax, release and regroup with your soul self so that you feel refreshed, inspired and revitalised. When you revisit your To-Do list come Monday, you may see some items in a completely new light and find solutions or ideas dropping into your consciousness effortlessly. Other items may no longer be valid.  


Power Mantra:

At times I DO as little as possible so that I can BE as much as possible and engage my bliss.


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