How to Overcome a Creative Block |

A simple rite to reconnect with your muse.

Have you felt excited and motivated by the prospects your creative vision would bring to the world?

There’s a fire within you generating lots of ideas, but at the same time you feel blocked in taking forward moving action to further your life’s work?


There is even a bit of a “I don’t want to do this” sense of resistance ~ not because it’s something you don’t enjoy but because of an underlying barely detectable fear of falling short and somehow not succeeding in what it is you set out to accomplish.

You may already have a regular daily practise to connect with your interdimensional support team for receiving guidance, inspiration and to weave opportunity into your day; like going out into nature, moving your body, listening to a carefully composed playlist or meditating before you begin creating.


But do you have an established rhythm to specifically and singularly summon your muse so you may better connect?


Make Room for Your Muse


1) Ask the elemental realms to help you share your talents and live your true purpose in loving service, expressing joy and passion on the highest frequency path available for you at this time.


2) Get quiet, to feel the essence of your muse and perhaps perceive a form, colour or some kind of clue that would help you bring her/him into a tangible form that you can see in your workspace every time you enter it to create art, write or do whatever is feeling blocked for you.


3) Set up a simple altar with representations of the impressions you received of your muse. Choose three items already in your possession that match this energy for you and arrange them on a preferred surface, right in full view from your creating area to serve as a visual reminder of your muse’s energy.


4) Engage your inner fire. Add an image of the Rune Kenaz. Print, paint or draw the Rune on a piece of paper, card or smooth pebble. (If you burn an oil lamp or candle while you work you can mark the lamp or candle holder with the Rune).

{If you travel a lot take a photo of your altar to use as digital wallpaper}


Ritual to Invite Your Muse

Every time before you begin creating, recite something along the lines of the following:


“I now invoke my expanded radiant self fully,


to realise my unique mission on this planet from my deepest sense of joy,


heartfelt desire, personal power and sovereignty.


I consciously connect with my muse and set my vibrational tone,


to help me create a quality experience for the people whom I serve.


May my highest and best message flow through my work today for,


the elemental realms to distribute it far and wide.”


Take a long, deliberate deep in-breath and release it slowly.

Expect muse to find you!

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