It is traditional to match the numerology of your magickal name to the numerology of your life path number. The life path number can be obtained by adding up your year, month and date of birth and reducing it to a single number (unless it’s a Master Number). E.G. 28 August 1970 will be 28 + 08 + 1970 = 2006 reduced to 2 + 6 = 8

There is no obligation to assume a magickal name. It is entirely up to you how you want to express yourself. You can assume the name for use in your everyday life or only use it in circle gatherings or keep it completely secret between you and Spirit.


It is also common to change magickal names as you progress through initiations on your life path, you may begin as “Toadstool Moss” and 5 or 10 years later you’ve changed so much that you acquire a new name.

Using the table below you can work out the numerological value of your chosen magickal name:


1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8        9

A       B       C       D       E        F        G       H       I

J        K       L        M       N       O       P       Q       R

S        T        U       V       W      X       Y       Z    


Exceptions :                                        Master Numbers which cannot be reduced :

TH = 8                                                         11

PH = 3                                                         22

CH = 4                                                         33

PS = 5


Write out the name you are testing as follows:

Ruby Lynx

R  u  b  y  L  y  n  x

9  3  2  7  3  7  5  6 =  42 =  4 +2 =  6


Some Ideas for Magickal Names

Based on the Elements: 

Earth  ~ any crystal you favour, clay, dune, wood, forest

Air      ~ anything to do with wind, a bird

Fire    ~ flame, flint, ember, smoulder, anything to do with fire

Water ~ brook, cascade, rain, river, monsoon, aqua, anything to do with water 


Based on Nature: 

Any herb, flower, tree, fruit, season. E.G. Belladonna, Nightshade, Rowan, Oak, Tarragon, folk names for herbs such as Arrowroot (yarrow), Banwort (pansy).

any animal or animal-related from myths (real or mythical) such as dragon (Dracena), wolf (Lupa), raven (Etain), bear (Ursula), horse (Hipponoe), serpent (Pythia).


Based on Celestial Bodies: 

Archetypes associated with planets E.G. Apollo (sun), Greine (sun), Selene (moon), Bendis (moon)

any zodiac sign

anything astral Astra, Celeste, Orion, Ursa, Nova

anything related to planets (moonlight, moonstone, quicksilver, sunray, dawn)


Based on Mythology or Legend: 

Any archetype you relate to. EG Galahad, Morgaine, Isis, Kali, Isolde, Hera, Gwydion, Idunn, Persphone, Gaia, Venus, Nimue, Pan, Vulcan, Athena, Fey Fand, Galandriel.


Composite Names:

(2 to 3 names in one)

Examples : Fire Oak, Willow Fox, River Sun, Nightshade Moon, Monsoon Ember, Lupa Greenwood, Forest Dawn, Zebra Sage, Emerald Hawk, Isis Banwort, Silver Dune, Summer Rain, Snow Star, Celeste AutumnWind, Celeste Moondancer.


Have fun and play with different names to see how they feel and fit your personality before finally deciding. Do you have a favourite tree, flower, animal, star perhaps? You may even wish to incorporate another language related to your ancestry if the sound of the words appeals to you. Take walks in nature as you ponder your potential name, consider it before sleep and see if some inspiration comes to you that way.

When you push too hard, are in a stressed or tense state you block your natural abilities so remember to enter your calm power centre, relax and allow your magickal talents to surface in perfect time. Take some time off then check back in.


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