Finding Balance in a Busy Life |

All change whether it is personal, family, career or all three at once results in new beginnings which lead to temporary energy upheavals and scatterings.

When you are nurturing potential in a variety of areas all at once it is easy to forget your centre and get caught up in the day to day demands conjured before you.

For example, let us say you have the following occurring in your life…

You are completing a course of specialised study in an area that enthuses you even though it requires dedication, you are about to become a grandparent and you are concurrently finishing off a longstanding project that needs to come to completion urgently.

Now this is part and parcel of what is going on in the rest of your life which you don’t want to neglect, involving quality time with loved ones, every day routine and tasks and fulfilling your personal dreams of abundance and success by giving them appropriate attention.


What foundation have you set in place for who you wish to become? Do you have a system set in place that ticks on while you aren’t looking?


A well-developed root system will sustain and nourish you and your dreams consistently while your energy is pulled in various directions.


How to keep your balance and focus:

➜ Wake up five minutes earlier than everyone else in your household

➜ Sit up against the pillows in bed if you like or go to a favourite sitting spot you have

➜ Take those few minutes to breathe ground and centre and shield your energy.

➜ Think about all the plentifulness you have in your life already; expanding wisdom, your growing family, increased love, bonding and sharing, and all the blessings which accompany each possibility etc.

➜ Bring your thoughts to all that you feel has turned out “right” (successfully) to date, such as; how far you have come in your current projects, your personal growth, self-acceptance and fulfilment derived through your experiences, studies, relationships etc.

➜ Do this each day, just reflecting on the previous day for these five precious minutes of being in stillness

➜ You don’t have to focus your attention on what you want all the time, keep it rooted in the abundance and success within each moment as the daily grind unfolds!


Power Mantra:

My foundation is solid amid winds of change.

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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.