Magick and the Law of Attraction (how are they similar)? |

Ritual magick as a manifestation technique for deliberate creators and how some popular law of attraction processes resemble acts of magick.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) has received a lot of buzz since Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret book and DVD took the mainstream by storm, but there is so much more to it than just one universal law.

Quite simply the Law of Attraction posits that like attracts like. In essence, your thoughts, words, emotional state and deeds are required to match who you wish to become and as a result determine your experience of reality.

Ritual gesture taps into the infinite subconscious mind whilst distracting the linear mind. The majesty and power of ritual is ancient and beneficial on a number of levels.


A lot of manifestation techniques focus on feeling better to raise your vibration so that you become a vibrational match to your desires. You start with awareness; collecting your thoughts and becoming conscious of your internal state as well as drawing your attention to any physical sensations that arise in response to your current situation versus what you desire.

You then contemplate what it is that you truly want, opening your heart and mind to possibilities so your energy indicates your willingness to receive what you are asking for.


When you engage in ritual you enter a space outside of time and place where you turn within and connect with your core being. This meditative state facilitates alpha brain waves and verifies your connection with the Greater Whole.

In essence, you enter an energy vortex that is untouched by time and that expands throughout all dimensions. It is from this place of unity with the fabric of the universe that you are able to harness Original Substance and craft it into manifest form.


The act of casting magick alone raises your vibration, welcomes magical experiences and invites possibilities into your awareness. Your right brain responds to images and the carrying out of a symbolic gesture such as lighting a candle, burning a prayer paper or fashioning a talisman conveys a strong message to your subconscious mind.

Casting a spell shifts your consciousness and provides a sense of action, allowing you to step into the vibration of, “it is done.” When you charge (load) an item or raise the intensity of energy within the cone of power (vortex) you have conjured, you are pouring creative life force into the etheric form of your intention for release into the field of creation like a magical flare.


Some Popular Law of Attraction Techniques

➜ Pre-paving (describing, writing, visualising the desired flow of a situation)

➜ Scripting (speaking out loud to yourself, your reflection in the mirror or other people about what you would like to come about as if it already has come to be)

➜ Auto-suggestion (affirmations, afformations and general positive linguistics such as “I am, I have, drawing, attracting, flowing, magnetising” etcetera)

➜ Praying rain journaling (expressing appreciation for desired outcomes before they occur or resolutions presented)

➜ Detaching and allowing (releasing the need for something to happen before you let yourself feel content


Some Popular Ritual Magick Techniques

➜ Entering alpha state and richly envisioning the desired flow of a situation, describing aloud or writing what you want to occur on a petition paper or candle, often enhanced with symbols to draw upon utilise ancient energies

➜ Speaking your desires into botanicals, crystals or other items as if the end result has already occurred to attune the vibratory frequency of the item with the resonance of your voice

➜ Rhythmically chanting or incanting in the positive and affirming that It Is Done, It Is So and So Be It

➜ Expressing thanks for blessings received, change incurred and leaving offerings as if the outcome has already happened

➜ Releasing the energy so that it is free to expand within the matrix, taking on a life form of its own


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