Magickal practice is about so much more than sabbats, sigils, oils, crystals or spells. These four guiding principles will help you explore what being a practical mage really entails and how to embrace your magickal talents in today’s world. No previous experience, extensive pilgrimages, expensive tools or obscure ingredients required!

Magick making could more accurately be described as energycraft or lightweaving. For it to be successful you need to “clear your channel” to be a better conduit for Source energy to express itself through you in this realm.

Source-ry: Crafting your personal energy on purpose with purpose.

Basically, that means knowing your mind and heart to set intentions with clarity as well as maintaining your subtle energy bodies so that they are flowing optimally. This deliberate energycrafting is what makes you as receptive and magnetic to your desires as possible so they manifest with ease.


• Your body is energy (spirit) in material form.

• Because you are energy (and have free will) you can choose to deliberately shape your reality by modulating specific frequencies.

• It’s not as complex as it sounds.

• Intuition, thoughts and emotion are the “tuning forks” for your personal frequency (channel).

• By becoming aware of and intentional with your magick-wielding capabilities you can create long-lasting positive change in your life.


When it comes to matters of the heart, emotion and deeply connecting with our relationship with ourselves, others, the Earth and all upon it as well as on a celestial level and all of Life in existence it can become overwhelming for many.

In essence it’s a vibrational thing ~ when we expand the Greater Whole expands, when we prosper Creation prospers.

We, the magickal practitioners, are brave enough to dare to open up to feel the different vibrations and innately know how to tune them, like plucking heart-strings of light, listening and observing, receiving guidance from the seen and unseen.


“To know, to dare, to will, to be silent” is traditionally called “The Powers Of The Magus.” These are the qualities you need to cultivate better results in your magick making endeavours.

I feel these are four precepts one is meant to contemplate, take in and absorb on a cellular level as well as intellectually. I’ve shared how I feel regarding the difference between reasoning about the unseen realms versus actually working with the cosmic forces directly here.

The descriptions below are therefore not exhaustive and meant to pique your imagination and inner light (higher/ deeper self) for further exploration of what these concepts mean for you wherever you are at on your journey right now. This likely will change as you progress on your path and is meant to.


To Know

Knowing what to do i.e. heeding your inner guidance. Knowing how to modify your thoughts (and resulting emotions) intentionally so you no longer react subconsciously to external forces.

This also implies knowledge of how the universal flow of energy works, metaphysical awareness combined with knowing your Self; analytical objective thinking, about your beliefs and intent.

Observing how you spend your time, with whom and in what mental and emotional space.

Clarity about what you want to change and connecting purposefully, knowing that whatever you spend your time and attention on carries within it a malleable magical quality that can be shaped to enrich your life – success, family, career, money, whatever is important to you.

The more you practice magick on an everyday level, live in the flow, the more you come to know your true self and transcend external limitation that hinders your spiritual potential. You operate outside of time and space, merging your multidimensional nature with the natural elements and cosmic beat.


To Dare

Currently, there is a comparatively small segment of the global populace who dare to live from this space, following their inner truth. Mainly because they haven’t awakened to alternative possibilities – yet.

When you live on purpose with purpose, you take action through what can be perceived as non-action;

Managing your thoughts, challenging nay-saying ego imps, preconceived notions you have lived with for a long time,  introspecting the ebb and flow of emotions that flood throughout your bio-circuitry that support (or hinder) acts of magick.

You dare to connect and listen to your deeper/higher self with a courage and patience that affirms your inner light and choose your truth, not the fear and uncertainty of others.


Change is scary because it implies venturing into unfamiliar territory, exploring a “foreign frequency” to you.

You know you want to travel to “new horizons” but you don’t have the foggiest of what awaits you there and that can stir up fear. Not only from this lifetime, but accumulated across dimensions.  

Transforming your life means daring to get out of your comfort zone, expanding your beliefs about what you are capable of/ worthy of or deserve.

It means embracing mystery and flying by the seat of your pants, winging it for a time. You can’t “logic” your way forward, mapping out exact stepping stones to your aspirations. You have to trust the process, especially when you can’t see how all the puzzle pieces are slotting into place.


Awakening your inner light and living your truth is downright terrifying because you’re audaciously letting go. Fully surrendering to all cosmic winds to flow around and through you, guiding you to what is next.

The oldest part of your brain is wired to clam up for safety. That’s where “feel the fear and do it anyway” comes in. Along with copious amounts of self-compassion and self-acceptance. This cultivates a kind of peaceful awareness, an inner calm where there is simply lack of doubt that you’re on the right track.

Your mind can be deceived but your heart cannot. This where external forces can no longer control you and you co-create with the Source of All That Is. Now that’s daring, isn’t it?


Less theory, more practice.


• Dare to do the self-work, ignite new neural pathways and implement the behaviour required for change.

• Dare to embrace and accept the infinite power at your disposal as you work in tandem with pure life force.

• Dare to feel it and experience it – stretch your self-imposed limits to open yourself to infinite possibility and see what happens.

• Dare to live differently to experience differently. Magick makers experience results others don’t because they dare to do what others won’t.


To Will

Keeping your will strong is what keeps you on your path, fending off the myriad distractions in this noisy, busy modern world. It requires implementing a daily practice (which can only be a few minutes a day) to keep you from being swayed from your path, your truth, your inner light.

Exercising your will means to do what needs to be done, such as practicing affirmations, scripting and any favoured techniques you have to keep allowing for magick to unfold, to continue examining your feelings, thoughts, and motives.

You will what you desire into reality by continuing and sticking with this living philosophy – consistency leads to habit. The subconscious responds to auto-suggestion processes resulting in; dreams, ideas, visions, creative expression etc.

You demonstrate your will through the way you choose to dress, carry yourself, act  and make decisions from a space that is aligned with where you are choosing to go and whom you are choosing to become.


Your will is required to keep at it even if you don’t see physical evidence of things happening. You are so much more than this physical body, your mind is a stream of consciousness where your soul reigns free (as soon as you have learnt how to distinguish from the ego/ lower mind and tapped in to the higher/ greater mind).

It’s not your job to force something into being. How and when something comes about is not within your jurisdiction. Time does not follow a straight logical linear line – it spirals and swirls.

Magick/ universal energy follows the path of least resistance and by working with your energy you project outwards from your internal state of equilibrium you work with it  (downstream) rather than against it (upstream).


“As above, so below,” meaning the outer/ external world we experience as reality is a reflection of the inner/ internal world of our mind and emotions. Any action that feels like; effort, struggle, pushing, work, should, paddling upstream won’t serve you. Be careful of falling into the “waiting” trap.

Have faith in yourself knowing that you are doing your best at any given moment to bring your desires to pass. Don’t beat yourself up when you have a “bad” day/ downtime.

It is human and totally normal — you can’t be ecstatic all the time while living your life, running a household, juggling career and everything else in between. What is important is that downtime isn’t your constant default. You process and move on. Just like the lunar phases.


To Be Silent

This precept literally means don’t speak to others of your as yet unmanifest intentions so that the differing opinions, fear-based projections, doubts or mockery of others don’t deflate your confidence.

The other aspect of silence is simply to keep your own counsel. This is for one, so that you don’t dilute or scatter the energy of your magick making and two, so that you can hear that still assured voice within.

The ability to still you mind and shut out all the internal and external noise, the barrage of thoughts and concerns is necessary to be able to connect to Spirit (or your preference) and hear yourself.


Jim Rohn said your income would be the average of the five closest people around you. The same holds true for your consciousness and spirituality. That’s why my courses and programs help you maintain space for more flow, grace and synchronicity to enter your life.

When you are fraternise with someone like-minded who is attuned to elevating their vibration and accessing higher consciousness, their energy affects you and helps you fly higher faster.

There is no better energy gift than someone seeing your potential and adding to it.

To be silent can also be interpreted as to simply be. Slow down, stop doing, and just be present in the moment with whatever is in front of you from one moment to the next.


You still expect your manifestation, like placing your order in a restaurant you don’t keep querying the chef about what it will look like, when it will be ready and worrying whether it will actually arrive.

Be still, feel it in your bones and find ways to feel content and appreciation in your current state of affairs to magnetise more experiences that match this state of being into your realm.

Saunter into your imagination with Spirit as your ally. Be observant. Magick at its core requires two things; willingness and concentration.


Once you begin to feel what it is to make magick it become easier and easier to simply be the magick. It is not something you do per se, it is something you personify.

You have already experienced magick in your life to date in some way.

Some examples:

• You get a call out of the blue with an opportunity you have been wanting for a long time.

• Song lyrics pop into your head or stand out everywhere you go and you spontaneously become conscious of a particular thought/ behaviour pattern/ motivation/ idea pertaining to your ruminations

• Words or images superimpose when you read something unrelated or drive by billboards.

• Someone you have a random conversation with inadvertently provides an answer you’ve been searching for.

• You overhear part of a conversation about a completely different topic between strangers and it actually applies to something you were contemplating

• You may not be doing anything extremely significant, yet you subtly begin noticing connections and links between experiences that formerly evaded your conscious mind.


The feeling stays, gradually changing and deepening the way you perceive reality, the meaning of things, and unveiling the ways in which you can change your life.

When you connect to your inner light and live your truth, there’s a gentle steady poise that pervades your being in the face of perceived adversity, allowing you to express what needs to be expressed, create what needs to be created and discard what needs to be discarded.

That’s what connection and alignment is about. Your energy and ability to wield internal shifts that morph your external reality.

It’s not a cookie-cutter process because like Joseph Campbell said, if you can see your path laid out before you, it’s not your path. Divine nudges and messages guide you to what is yours, you can’t miss the proverbial bus.


You don’t need a special atmosphere or any expensive tools and fancy ingredients to honour these four principles. You can be in your office, at the farmer’s market, or on the subway, in the bath, beside the ocean or sweating at the gym. Anytime. Anywhere.

Be prudent, courageous, present and listen to yourself.

It is an experiential, expansive and empowering process that lasts a lifetime. Strive to live this four-fold living philosophy every day, staying open to new possibilities and watch your life transform from mundane to magical.


Wherever you go, there you are.

— Confucius


To Summarise:

Know ➜ Connect to infinite life force

Dare ➜ Expand with infinite life force

Will ➜ Employ infinite life force

Be ➜ Allow magick to unfold


Ultimately love is all there is and it is up to you to provide it to yourself amidst chaos, distraction, delay and any other pressure points the quantum field ignites within you.

✶ You can’t keep pressurising yourself to avoid either the light or the shadow, as always balance is the key to wholeness.

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.