It is my intention with this article to save you some of the heartache and headache when it comes to intentionally designing a life you love and reaching your dreams.


When it comes to achieving anything ~ whether it’s baking a cake or starting a business or even taking a vacation, we all go in hoping for the best.

That doesn’t keep unexpected things from happening, though.


Dang, the cake is dry.


That business idea totally tanked.


That vacation was actually stress-inducing instead of relaxing.


In my 20 years of personal practise, I’ve discovered it’s REALLY about letting go of control. You aren’t creating your path, you are discovering it.

It is NOT about you directing everyone to fulfil their role in a specific way like a play.

It IS about releasing unproductive patterns, opening up to new viewpoints, trusting what is flowing toward you, having the courage to express yourself and recognising the previously unseen gifts on your path.


4 Things I Wish More Magick Makers Knew

1) 75% Fate 25% Free Will

People go bankrupt. People get sick. People die. I know the “new age” movement dislikes the idea of anything that infringes on the concept of free will and your potential to be “King of the World”.

However, that doesn’t mean you are a victim of circumstance or that you manifested a terrible event because your vibration wasn’t high enough or whatever else you have blamed or shamed yourself into believing. You indeed possess power, and it lies in how you respond to the cards life deals you along the way.


2) Questions Are Always Answered

When you ask Spirit for guidance and direction, unless you have natural abilities or have consciously developed your skills in clairvoyance or clairaudience, you won’t see a vision or hear a voice like the clouds parting in the sky for the sun to beam an epiphany upon you.

The clues and messages flow to you in the way of synchronicity ~ much like a treasure hunt. You look for the repetitive patterns such as three different people in three separate interactions suggesting you read the same book.


3) Stop Chasing

Your path is unfolding in ways that nobody can predict for certain and for the most part, very little is actually within your ability to control. So stop fighting to MAKE something happen when you can just relax into what is!

When you quit resisting the circumstance you find yourself in, you drop out of the energy that holds you in it. Meaning you no longer approach it from a “problem” standpoint thus, allowing a solution to present. It was always there, you just couldn’t perceive it before because you weren’t on the same wavelength.


4) You’re Not Broken

You are a unique expression of Source energy. There is nothing to prove and no one to impress. It’s nice when you don’t feel like you’re failing at life, yes?

After all, you can’t be failing when the only person you need to measure up to is yourself. You fit your path, what is yours cannot be taken from you and you cannot miss the bus! All difficulty is temporary and anything can happen in any moment 🙂


The bottom line is…

People who successfully “manifested” something they wanted ~ didn’t necessarily originally set out with having chosen what it was they were trying to achieve!

• They decided on a goal that seemed right for them. Not what someone else had that looked good. Not what they thought they should have.

They chose to seek out what felt right to them. That might have meant making “tough” choices because where they were didn’t feel right; trusting that while it hurt to be honest with themselves, and others at times, it was leading them to something better.

• They had an innate sense of something their heart was calling them to. And they walked their path.

They didn’t actively push to manifest anything. Rather, they accepted what was naturally flowing toward them. Yes there were trials and tribulations but lots of happy moments too versus struggle, exhaustion and disappointment that things didn’t go “their way”.


Setting out to achieve a goal from a place of fear or neediness around not getting what you want or worrying you will lose something you already have along the way makes incurring change in your current circumstances harder.

When you cast a spell you open a doorway for fresh perspectives and possibilities to enter your realm of awareness. As you witness them in your internal world your frequency shifts, rearranging atomic particles and making quantum waves, discarding what was and creating transformation in your outer world.

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Why You’re Not Getting What You Want

Sometimes these reasons are subtle or even subconscious, that’s where a coach comes in handy because you don’t know what you don’t know. Thoughts that have been a default pattern for years, maybe decades that have been playing out for so long, that you haven’t paused to question them (yet).

Desperation. Needing a specific outcome. Paradoxical intent occurs when you place so much emphasis on what you want that you end up repelling it. It’s a bit like being stuck in quicksand.

Your perception of yourself. Feelings of unworthiness, self-loathing and so on that lead to conditional self-acceptance keeps you in a constant state of striving because you only feel good enough or valuable or lovable etc. once you have obtained your desire. Are you resonating with the consciousness of the person you are choosing to become?

Seeing the world as a hostile, scary place? Perhaps you had a threatening experience as a child? Feeling unsafe and/or unsupported serves up more experiences that match that outlook.

Scarcity consciousness. Feeling powerless in some way. “I don’t have enough education/ money/ power to succeed.” Or “There is not enough XYZ to go around for everyone.” And so, you will never have enough of whatever it is to attain your goal because you don’t believe you can have it.

Creating your future from “bad” experiences in the past, expecting things to go awry or downhill projects a habitual pattern.

Not being able to envision yourself in the end result you desire. Put yourself in the picture. E.G. Not just imagining a Porsche, but seeing yourself behind the wheel, your hands on the steering wheel etc.

Not finding joy in the process. When you embark on a quest there will inevitably be challenges. You need to enjoy the journey from day-to-day (not expect it to be difficult, dull or dreary, hoping to leap from that vibration to a wonderful magical future event).

E.G. Wanting to be a famous actor but you hate memorising lines, auditioning etc. If you can’t find joy in the in-between, you have selected a misaligned goal.

Obviously, not every day is going to be amazing. Bring an optimistic approach to whatever arises along the way and stay open to new ways to overcome obstacles. Otherwise you resist the actual steps you need to take that lead you to the result you desire.

Last but not least, just like the lunar phases and nature’s turning of the seasons we go through various personal cycles; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Factors like karma, the consciousness of other people etc. Be patient and allow time to rest, time to cultivate and time to take action.

You are a microcosm within a macrocosm moving through phases of its own thus, “themes” unfold in your life in relation to other events such as what kind of frequencies the Earth is moving through in the galactic cycle.


Energy ebbs and flows so when you are conscious of what cycle you are in you can maximise that energy by shifting your intentions to flow with the stream of energy toward your desires, rather than against it.

Whatever you are going through, whether it is rapid expansion or a painful contraction ~ there is the one inherent certainty of cyclic change. There are things you have control over and things you don’t. Cycles are one of them. You can however choose how you respond to redefine and transcend it.

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How To Get What You Want

Put Your Heart In It

Notice when you think about your goal if your heart centre feels closed and small with a meek aura about you or if your heart centre is open, powerfully flowing a constant and expansive aura about you.

Confident Expectation

You may not necessarily know how things will come about however; your confidence in your ability to incur change is what lends certainty to the process. Put your best into it and then let go.

Discard Your Former Self

Examine where you are carrying false beliefs about yourself shaped by past experiences forward. What you think to be true becomes your truth, a self-fulfilling prophecy as it were. The light of awareness blazes away self-imposed limitation.


{These tips will get you started but if you want to dive deeper with a well-versed spiritual facilitator guiding you every step of the way, consider stepping in for personalised coaching with me, it’s the fastest most effective way to dissolve blocks and make the positive changes you desire to transform.}


Using the Elements to Support Your Manifesting

Air: Choose the words for your intentions wisely, set them in the positive (refrain from using “not” or words that pull your focus to the opposite of what you want. E.G. “My debt is decreasing.” Instead, focus on a term like financial freedom).

Fire: Envision yourself in the scenario you want to be in.

Earth: Put yourself out there physically for opportunity to find you.

Water: Stop wishing things were different and holding back feeling good for “when X happens.”

Actively look for things to savour, enjoy, appreciate and draw happiness and inner peace from now.

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Recognising Air, Fire, Water and Earth in everyday things and actions.


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The Role of Willpower in Co-Creation with the Universe

You take responsibility for your actions, yet you don’t control everything in Creation, so where does willpower fit in?

When it comes to creating your reality and choosing to manifest consciously, it can be tricky to strike a happy balance between actively taking physical action that drives your vision forward and when to hand things over to the universe to allow space for things to slide into place.

• What role does your willpower play in co-creating with the universe?

• How do you define the line between taking action toward a goal and pushing for results versus allowing the universe to take your wishes up to manifest in marvellous ways?


Aleister Crowley defined magick as;

“The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” 

The question that arises is; conforming to whose will?

It’s a combination of both your will and that of Source energy.


Here’s the key to walking in your personal “Heaven on Earth”

You are NOT willing anything into existence, that’s what Source energy does.

Your will is applied by opening your heart and mind up to new possibilities and allowing your energy to align with that of your intention.

Applying your willpower on a consistent basis to draw your focus back to what you want to place your attention on and thus create in your life.


What are you choosing to experience in this moment? And evoking the feeling of having that already in this moment?

You get to exert your will by consistently turning away from thoughts and behaviour that don’t serve you that aren’t a vibrational match to what you wish to experience in your life.

Which facilitates the space for the universe to deliver what you are asking for since you can’t receive it if you are not tuned into a matching frequency.



A clear intention channels energy toward a specific circumstance you are focussing on. Without a clear intention the energy becomes diluted and scattered, swallowed up by the ether, returned to Source energy because it hasn’t got a clear direction to flow toward.

Similarly, just thinking positively about all the things you would like to do and experience and then waiting for it to happen won’t elicit the adventures you hope for.


A lot of cosmic lightweavers get stuck on this…

Thinking you need clarity about what you are creating and not moving forward because you can’t see how all the variables come together waaaaay down the road.

NO. You don’t need to have all the details or a precise vision from A to B about where you are headed and how that is going to happen.


A clear intention is simply a distinct decision to incur change in a specific area of your life accompanied by the willingness to follow through on what life presents as a result of your declaration.

I am choosing to… I am willing to… I am aligning with… I am opening to… I am beginning to… I am attracting… more financial wealth/ love/ peace/ happiness/ creativity/ fulfillment etc. in beneficial miraculous ways is clear and precise without placing contingencies on who, what, how or when.


So you follow stepping stones, then you get some clarity as things start to shift. Then you take another step, and another, trusting the process, knowing that magick is afoot, staying receptive and attentive.

Everything exists in consciousness first and then filters down into the denser vibrations of the physical plane. When you set intentions your consciousness aligns with universal creation.

A shift in consciousness creates a shift in results. Reality is fluid, so in most instances you don’t clearly see your path ahead because it is in a constant state of flux based on your thoughts and emotions from one moment to the next.


“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”
— Albert Einstein


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Caught in Manifesting Limbo? No Signs? No Inspiration? Here’s What You Can Do…

Feel like there is nothing happening in your life? What to do and what to avoid.

In this situation there are usually those people that want to receive guidance in some form of inspiration or sign from the universe about what to do or where to go next (and aren’t).


And those that are doing their best to manifest something, setting intentions and working hard at getting a result, that is just not happening.

The thing is, Spirit supports you in your decisions. Spirit does not tell you what you should do. Unless it is a matter of life and death, then it can get quite vocal. 😀


As you become a truer expression of yourself, loving and accepting who you are, you aren’t going to feel excited about your dreams anymore like they are something to be chased, because everything exists in this one moment.

All possibilities have already played out so there is nothing to move toward since they are already part of you. When you are already feeling whole you don’t long for things or circumstances to make you feel fulfilled because you already are.


Avoid This

Entertaining a waiting space for someone to “save you”, for something to happen or a sign to appear before you take another step keeps you in a state of limbo. Chasing after something you are keenly aware you do not have keeps you in not-having.

When you cast a spell it is vital to let go of any attachment you have to the outcome you desire. This serves to create an etheric imprint that claims it as done. If you keep thinking of it as coming, looking for it at every opportunity and snatching it back from the web you aren’t fully owning it.

Taking action doesn’t only mean getting out there and doing observable activities that take you one step closer to your objectives. It also applies to vibrationally becoming who you need to be to match where you want to be.


Does the person with their dream job wake up dreading to go to work? Does the person in their dream home sit and pick out everything that’s wrong within their space? Does your fit and healthy body crave air, sunshine and movement?


Act like you mean it from one moment to the next until the series of moments snowballs and you find you haven’t finally arrived in one defining moment but been there all along.


Tap Into:

What you choose to experience. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.

How you want to feel. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.

What you want more of. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.

Why you want what you want. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.


Questions for reflection:

➜ What do I want to create a version 2.0 of in my life?

➜ What do I want in place of what wasn’t working or is no longer a match for me?

➜ Am I open to different versions of my initial goals, letting them expand into a greater potential that I may not have entertained before?

➜ Am I allowing room for magick to unfold?


Know when to let go of something that no longer matches your energy. You either no longer feel energised by it, or that it’s something you feel pressured into as what you should do.

Check progress and enthusiasm. Do you still get a warm surge of creative fire through your belly? Is it still a resounding YES? “Miss-takes” don’t derail your mission, they serve to refine your direction.

Sometimes people and circumstances simply work their way out of your life for example, employment contracts and lease agreements are not renewed.

These may appear discouraging at first, but really they indicate your growth and that you are moving on to equal or better for you to connect at a different level beyond your comfort zone.


Do This:

Tell Spirit/the universe (whatever your preference) the story of your life as you want to live it.

Initiate action (set magick in motion) by making a deliberate choice and behaving in accord with it.

• Let the Ancient Ones (or whatever your preference) support you.

Do it every day, as part of your spiritual practise. Not because you are afraid they didn’t hear you but to remind yourself who you are and where you are going until you believe it.

• Don’t be afraid to change your mind and make a different choice at any given moment! If you don’t like where things are going or you realise it’s not what you really want you are free to shift direction.

Don’t think you have to stick with the first choice just because you already made it. 😉


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My Will vs. Thy Will for More Alignment, Peace and Grace

How to surrender and allow magick and miracles to unfold.

When it comes to consciously creating your life you need to take some form of action in pursuit of what you want but you also don’t want to overdo it.

There is a delicate dance between living your life with intent, will and desire to create your reality and exercising patience so that the universe can serve something fantastic up for you!


The more you surrender to the potential of loving intervention the more energy you will have to respond when the time is right.

This will open your mind and heart for a greater flow of creative energy to flow to you and around you which allows you to receive the messages and notice the synchronicities Spirit is sending you.

Instead of holding onto the reigns of your desired outcome so tightly that there isn’t room for fresh insights and synchronicity that support your intentions to come in.


The difference between my will and thy will and how understanding the difference will allow you to experience more alignment, peace and grace…

“I will to will thy will” is a concept I wrestled with for a long time because I dislike the idea of anything exerting authority over me and dictating what I can or can’t do. So for me it was a sign of weakness, allowing something else’s will to preside over my life.


Here’s how I experience it now:

In time I’ve come to look at it differently, that when you affirm “I will to will thy will” you are not allowing something separate from you to reign over your life.

Rather, you are an expression of original Source energy ~ animated Cosmic Dust and therefore your will is one and the same.

Discord arises when the human ego mind attempts to direct how, when and why what comes about.


Allowing pure Source energy and your unique soul essence to work through you in order to create the best outcomes in accordance with your highest good for the wellbeing of all, is simply about relinquishing control.

Along with any preconceived notions you may have about a linear logical timeline and how things may appear at any given time, since you can’t see the full picture in your mind like unified mind.

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How To Give Your Magick Momentum

The generic new year’s resolutions people are inclined to make (and shortly thereafter abandon) are not really important enough to you to achieve because it isn’t in alignment with your core values and you can’t actually see yourself attaining them.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is financial in nature, or relates to health, family, spirituality, creativity, friendship or living situation. You are dynamic and so your objectives shift each time you do.


Some questions to help you:

• Do I derive meaningful internal experience from taking action toward my desired end result?

• What’s my ultimate benefit? (And it doesn’t have to be astonishing)!

• Am I gaining a sense of positivity or happiness from engaging in these activities?

• Does what I am doing give me a greater sense of purpose?

• Are the smaller steps I am taking now stimulating my long-term aspirations?

Source/Spirit (whatever your preference) weaves synchronicity and miracles that complement your journey, but in order for that to happen you have to be taking physical steps on your path that facilitate divine intervention.


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So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.