Ready to invoke your inner voice for greater guidance in your life? A step-by-step rite to tap into the original Source of magick and activate the creative patterns already within you, so that accessing your inner wise one is just a little less complicated.

This process uses intuition and relaxation, with the help of nature, to facilitate a gentle opening and descending into the root of your own energy where power resides. It is not about directing it toward something, rather following the energy which is unfolding itself.

Suggested timing:

Perform on a Monday (ruled by the moon) during waxing phase.



Take a deep breath and as you inhale intend, “I welcome magick into my life” and on your exhalation “I now see evidence of magick in my life.”


Inhale “I welcome magick into my life”

Exhale “I now see evidence of magick in my life.”



Ground your energy by sensing the chakras in the soles of your feet locking down onto the earth like strong magnets.



Take your awareness up through your chakra column starting at the root and drawing your attention up to the crown, to the sun beyond that to the grand central sun in the milky way and further into the vast depths of space connecting with Infinite Is.



In your mind’s eye, sense yourself standing between two immense pillars that are part of the forefront of a magnificent temple. The air is rich and clear, vitalising your cells to the very core.

The lush landscape before you sprawls out into a vast expanse as far as you can see and you sense there is so much more beyond the horizon.



Bring you attention to your heart centre and notice the warmth of all the love, peace and inspiration awash in this energy portal, eternally cascading and self-replenishing.



In your heart centre, imagine a small iridescent energy orb which holds a golden hue and flecks of different, flowing colour spectrums revolving within it. This is the seat of your inner magic.



Take your consciousness to a time where all our ancestors were One, go deeper to the era when the animals have one ancestor and still further to where the plants have one ancestor and extending even further now to where the mineral realm have the same ancestor as the animals, plants and you.



Take your awareness to the time where magick was first seeded on Earth, this is the zero point. It is the void between yesterday and tomorrow and it is where all potential stirs.



Let the golden orb seated in your heart centre develop and expand outward now, gently increasing throughout your torso, and limbs, extending outward through your hands and feet so it engulfs your entire being.

Feel the energy pulsate through your physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body. And if you wish to do so, you can affirm “I remember who I Am.”



Let the golden orb seated in your heart centre enlarge rapidly, bursting forth from this dimension through all time and space, into the ether and into the depths of the universe. This is what flows through you and around you ~ infinite sparkling creative essence.



Ground your inner magick now by acknowledging its pervasive presence in your body; let the energy travel deep into the Earth, out through the palms or your hands and the soles of your feet and throughout the crystalline grid.



Without contracting the vast energy sensation you have experienced, bring your awareness to this present moment and gently stretch as you find yourself comfortably grounded in your body.

Magick is as old as Creation.  There is nothing new under the Sun, only rediscovery of humankind’s true essence, the zero point where nothing and yet everything occurs. Magick/ Spirit/ Source does not tell you what to do, it unveils more of who you are at your core and helps it expand.


What Is Positive (Good) Magick?

Are You A Cosmic Lightweaver?

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And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.