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Angel Magick: Fire ~ Archangel Michael

Angel Magick: Fire ~ Archangel Michael

Did you know that the word “angel” stems from the Greek version of the Hebrew mal’akh which means “shadow side of deity”? It seems kind of counterintuitive since one always associates angels with dazzling light. So what then is meant by this?


Well it just means that the work of angels takes place in a way that is unseen hence in the shadows beyond ordinary sight where you cannot see the various changes taking place. Just like a Witch’s Book of Shadows is all about working with forces and realms that are unseen.


Because of their higher energy angels help us draw more harmony, love, compassion and peace into our lives when you remember to call upon them and specifically ask them to assist you in your daily life they can do so in many ways.


Michael’s name means “he who is like God”.

Archangel Michael is also known as Mika’il, Sabbathiel and Beshter which means “one who provides sustenance for humanity.”


Archangel Michael assists with protection, faith, personal strength and power. His main objective is to eliminate fear from our realm. Call upon him to cleanse people and places of negativity.


What many don’t know is that he watches over sacred healing waters (wells, streams, fountains) and guards shrines created in honour of the Goddess/divine feminine.


Michael assists with

  • Liberation from doubt and fear
  • Strengthening your faith and courage
  • Guiding and accompanying you through dangerous situations
  • Eliciting a sense of safety and confidence
  • Inspiring world leaders to act in accordance with the greater good and improving principles of government
  • Exorcism and space clearing (home, office, public areas, transportation etc.)
  • Removing psychic debris and discord from within your being
  • Ushering discarnate entities and earth-bound attachments to the light for transmutation
  • Shielding from physical, verbal and psychic attack
  • Cutting unhealthy etheric cords that link you to past experiences, items, negative emotions and other people with the Sword of the Blue Flame
  • Releasing past vows that have prevented you from speaking your truth and/or sharing it with others out of fear
  • Stimulating willpower to complete tasks, increasing motivation and vitality
  • Providing protection to those in despair or in harm’s way
  • Guarding property


Power Day: Sunday


Colours: sparkles or flashes of sapphire blue light or flame (varies between individuals)


Connection scents: Juniper, frankincense, hyssop, basil


Connection crystals: blue kyanite, azurite, sodalite


Suggested general incantation:

“Archangel Michael, blaze your brilliant blue flame around me everywhere I go, shielding me from discord as I live my truth and cultivate my personal power. Sever any ties I may have to emotions, people, situations and objects that hinder my expansion. Raze any old programing from my cells, thought patterns and collective ties from my being, filling me instead with purpose and faith to succeed.”



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