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Confused? Get Answers Spell

Confused? Get Answers Spell

This spell can be performed to find an answer, a solution or explanation to events which confuse you or require clarity regarding any area of your life. Expect lightning fast results.


You will need:

  • A Yellow, white or beeswax votive or tealight candle
  • Bergamot, spearmint or peppermint essential oil (or the plant’s leaves)
  • A sharp implement to carve symbols onto the candle with (such as a nail file, toothpick or knife)
  • A glass of still spring water



What to do:

1.) Place the glass of water in your workspace.


2.) Carve the Rune Ansuz (pronounced: awn-sooz) and the symbol for Mercury on the candle.


3.) Anoint the candle with a drop of essential oil. Or if you are using fresh/dried leaves rub them between the palms of your hands to release their natural oils and then rub it over the candle. Make a heartfelt (not desperate or needy) petition along the lines of:


“Answers may they come to me so that I may clearly see what is hidden from me now, to be shown to me somehow.”


4.) Relax and release your request into the ether.


5.) Take the glass of water and hold it between the palms of your hands, in front of your heart. Imagine brilliant diamond light infusing with the molecular structure of the water. Do this for as long as you feel appropriate. Drink all the water from the glass.


6.) Leave the candle to burn down in a safe fireproof place and bury any residual wax. Trust that the answer will be delivered to you in a way that you will notice effortlessly.



After the spell…

Remember human timing is not the same as Spirit timing. Relax and allow the answer/s to flow to you.


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