Practical Ways to Build a Relationship with the Fae

How to communicate with faerie (with practical examples).


Practical Ways to Build a Relationship with the Fae |



Whether you have been attracted to the fae realm for quite some time or if they have only recently made their presence known to you, you may not quite be sure on how to start

building a relationship with them in your life.



This would be beneficial in many ways but foremost for; muse, gaining a lighter perspective on things, engaging more self-love and compassion and to experience more beauty, light and magick in the everyday.




Not only that, but for each human who restores their connection with the elemental realm a greater balance and harmony is restored on Earth.




Some ideas to help you interact with the fae on a more consistent basis:



  • Pick up rubbish in the local surroundings, on the beach, beside nature trails or in the park with the intention of assisting the fae.



  • Greet the elemental beings in your garden and home as well as in areas you visit like other peoples’ homes or areas where you know they are neglected (you can do this telepathically of course)!



  • Plant a garden or get involved in community gardens, environmental and sustainable living projects in whichever way suits you. It could be donating time or money, speaking, writing or providing training in these skills.



  • Volunteer or offer your area of expertise in support to animal protection, shelter or care.



  • Stimulate imagination and awareness of their realm by sharing affirmative stories, relative arts and crafts as well as productions with all ages. Thanks to Walt Disney the elementals were kept alive in our collective consciousness until humankind was ready to reconnect!



  • Leave biodegradable gifts of fruit, milk, cinnamon, honey, wine, beer, seed, nuts, pinecones, acorns, feathers or special rocks out for them. Note: The elementals do not eat the food or claim the gift itself, they partake of the essence or life force of the food and the actual offering is left for insect, birds or wildlings to enjoy.



  • Deposit intriguing gifts of crystal chips, shiny objects such as glazed marbles or polished glass pebbles for the elementals in secret spaces. (Silver bells and cockle shells anyone)?



  • Plant flowers that attract bees and butterflies, take some time to be still and observe the bees, butterflies and birds as they flit about your garden.



  • Construct a faerie garden with rocks, figurines, moss, faerie flowers and coves with lots of nooks and crannies.



  • Host a faery pic-nic with the kiddos; play games, blow bubbles, sing songs, look for treasures, organise some Faery Yoga 🙂



  • Encourage your children to maintain their relationship with the Fae and join them in their adventures and play.



  • Hang a wind chime in your home to tinkle for them (or for them to tinkle at you)!



  • Be completely present in the moment when planting or maintaining your garden. (Take the phone off the hook, switch your phone off and ignore the doorbell, so you will be undisturbed by everyday hustle and bustle).



  • Collect or create and display faerie inspired artwork. You can do this digitally with a Pinterest board as well!



  • Build a crystal doorway and bridge or pathway for them at the base of a tree. Or add crystals to your potted plants.



  • Opt for Earth-friendly beauty products such as soap, shampoo and make-up as well as natural cleaning supplies and use natural forms of pest control.





  • Do a little Witchy dance of celebration when wild mushrooms appear in your yard because that means the Fae are here!




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