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Thanks for connecting, you can contact me in three ways:




1) Send an e-mail directly to info @ stellaseaspirit . co . za (remove the spaces)



2) Contact me via Facebook Messenger here (Unless it is to be rude or annoying.
Then don’t)



3) Fill out the convenient form below!



I look forward to hearing from you and typically respond within 3 working days as sometimes I unplug from the internet or get busy. I’m a living breathing human, so please be patient.



If you think you might be a witch but you are unsure, you don’t need to send me an email, please read through the 13 Steps here to help you decide if you are in the right place.



If you are enquiring about how or where to begin being a modern witch, you don’t need to send an email, simply sashay over to the getting started page here because that is were I would send you anyway 🙂



If you are enquiring about private mentorship, I appreciate your interest! Please apply here to step into a 30 minute session with me to make sure we are a good fit for my most sacred and exclusive offering. Then get ready to be as never before. 




Want to interview me? Please visit the press page here.



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