Dreamtime Witchery

Sigmund Freud referred to dreaming as a peculiar form of thinking.


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Dreams have a way of reflecting what is truly going on within your inner landscape. While you may not recall every single one, they still provide a filtering through of self-awareness.



Very vivid dreams tend to imprint on our memories and stay with us for a time but others fade as we get up and go through our morning rituals so it is important to jot down as many details as you can right after you wake up.



Especially if you wake from one in the middle of the night!



The key to better dream recall is intention, whereby you train your subconscious to hold on to the dream and trigger the memory in your active consciousness.




Before you fall asleep, take some relaxing deep breaths then state to yourself (either aloud or in your mind)


“I will remember a dream when I wake up.”




Then, go to sleep fully in the expectation that you will recall a dream upon waking.



This routine may not work instantly and it is not something that can be coerced. Keep setting your intention consistently and you will see results because what you place your attention on develops.




3 More Ways to Witchify Your Dream Recall:


  • Think of a question you would like an answer for. Or a situation you would like insight into. Write it down as clearly as possible on a piece of paper. Hold the paper between both your palms and imagine you have received a solution, feel it as so.



  • Place a glass of water (any size that suits you, even a small one like a tot measure is sufficient) by your bedside as you state your intention. Add “drinking this water will trigger my recall.” Drink the water on waking.



  • Keep a candle on your altar and light it each night as you set the intention before sleep. Ask for a solution to be made clear to you about whatever is on your mind. Imagine it being handed to you in the form of a glowing light. Extinguish the flame and go to sleep.



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