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Top 3 Tips on Becoming Pagan

Top 3 Tips on Becoming Pagan

I receive numerous enquiries from people beginning to explore Paganism, so I have put together this post for further reflection…


Many individuals spend years seeking, researching, experiencing and developing different personal philosophies and practises until they find a space within that is comfortable.


None of us think in exactly the same way, so it is in my opinion not possible for us all to follow one particular belief system or set of teachings in exactly the same way as another.


At the end of the day you should do what resonates best with you and works best for you. This could be one particular path or an eclectic mergence of a number of practises.


Anyone wanting to learn about gaining a different perspective on life and/or learn techniques of magick and manifestation has to begin with a lot of reading and research.


One book I highly recommend to clients and students of mine who are transitioning from an Abrahamic influence is Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce and River Higginbotham.


How to Start Exploring Paganism

  • There is no way around it. A thorough literary search will ensure that you are able to consider all the possible paths before you to discover the niche which resonates best with you.


  • Consider how much experience or learning you have in Paganism or magick, what research have you done?


  • How much information have you gathered in order to discern quality information from insignificant in order to base your decision on which path you wish to investigate or follow?


Paganism tends to become a very large umbrella term for a vast array of practises and often each of those practises within its own subcategory encompasses many different traditions. I could list about twenty-five or more different Pagan paths off the top of my head.


For example, Wicca as a path has Gardnerian, Alexandrian and Dianic traditions amongst many others, similar to Christianity’s sects such as Baptists and Methodists.


Ultimately your personal spiritual path becomes a well-loved leaf from your book of life. Like a favourite recipe that you modify and tweak depending on where you are and what tools you have available.


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