Sending Healing and Compassion to Crisis or Devastation Areas

This is a ritual for sending compassionate healing energy to the people, places and souls who are in areas affected by crisis, devastation, fear, panic, sadness and pain etcetera.


How To Send Healing & Compassion to Crisis or Devastation Areas | when you hear reports of this kind your heart is tugged to do something but you just don’t know how you can contribute.



Here is a simple yet effective and heartfelt way to support all those in need.





How To Do It



  • Take a print out of a map of the area if you wish or write the name of the place on a piece of paper and place it on your altar that is set up in the way you like it.



  • As you ignite the spark of intention from a place of love within your heart, light a candle or incense or simply imagine a spark of light emanating from your heart centre and floating upward into astral space, placing your words and thoughts in the symbolic flame that resides within us all:




“From my deepest and highest self I call upon Air, Fire, Earth and Water


to help purge any negativity and dense vibration held in their space.


From the core of my beingness I connect with all beings of light and love


who resonate with the purest frequency to lend support,


compassionate love and aid restoration of wholeness to all in this area.


Let fear give way to peace.


Let pain give way to peace.


Surround all those affected in calm love and kindness.


I now evoke the purest loving light not only from this dimension but all dimensions


in alignment with my request to wash through this area and


heal all physical manifestation of imbalance,


restoring optimal energy flow to people, place and creature.


I send this replenishment now via the grand crystal grid of the Earth through all space and time to continue streaming until it is no longer needed.”




  • If you have a piece of clear quartz or rose quartz available place it on top of the map of the area or the piece of paper with the location written on it beside the candle holder to amplify the energy being sent.



  • Leave your altar with the map in tact until such time you feel the sending is complete.




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