How to Calm and Centre Yourself (in Tricky Situations)

How to maintain spiritual connection and access higher consciousness when life throws a curveball!


Calm and Center Stress Relief Tips |



On Day 1 as part of a challenge I ran in our Facebook group, participants received an alignment process which I encouraged them to listen to throughout the series since it is a great way to set the vibrational tone for your day.



I also suggested that should participants find themselves stressed at any time throughout their day, that they simply listen to or recite the alignment and be present in their body because in those few minutes, they would find themselves more centered and calm.



A participant shared her experience using the alignment technique ~ her husband had lost his wallet at the beach that morning with all of his cards in it! She automatically went into crisis mode trying to find bank numbers to cancel the cards and post a request on a local community web page in case anyone saw it or found it.



In this frenzied state her energy was so supercharged that she found it nearly impossible to connect to get online. In her panic state she suddenly became aware that nothing was working.



So she took a deep breath – which was quite a stretch from the state of mind she was in at the time – and recalled the words from the alignment process that begins with, “I am grounded, I am centred. . . ”




And her breathing slowed.


As she calmed down the web pages she was desperately trying to get to opened in front of her.


She got through the bank’s reporting process easily with friendly people who assisted her.




What she realised about the process was that this deliberate internal shift to calm yourself and consciously let go of an unhelpful emotional reaction directly affected her external experience. Later that day she let us know that her husband’s wallet had been returned, without the cash, but all the cards were there.



>> Here is the link to a similar alignment process <<




What it does



1) Clears your head from the distraction and external noise of the workaday world



2) Connects you with your Deeper Self and Spirit Helpers



3) Helps you remain present and centred in the moment instead of darting back into a past experience or projecting into a potential future




I recommend using the alignment process before you start your day, ahead of important meetings or before engaging in any meditation or ritual.




Basically, you can align as often as you like. Others have share with me that it helps alleviate anxiety. At first you will rely on the wording but in time you will be able to instantly align your energy at the thought of doing so.




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