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Free Mentoring Q+A

Free Mentoring Q+A

This is an ongoing offer in *witch* I address individual reader questions on the blog. I am inviting YOU to take me up on free mentoring.


Ask me your question and I will post the answer right here on the blog (anonymously on your part) but publicly so others can benefit from your question too. Often others are asking the same one!


If you have any questions or reservations about:

  • Just getting started and wondering about some stuff that sounds difficult or confusing to you…


  • How to bring more magickal finesse to an everyday challenge


  • How to further your Witchiness if you’ve been at it for a while but want to expand in more ways




The more specific you are the better your answer will be.


Send me an e-mail with Blog Q+A in the subject line and I will respond ~ please be patient if I do not post on your question straight away, I get quite a bit of email.


Please note: These Q&A’s DO NOT cover personal readings like “will my financial situation improve this year?” or “when should I…” or “will I get the job/married/win in court?” etc.


The idea behind this series is

To advise you how to maintain your Witchy self in everyday living and to provide you with suggestions and/or techniques *witch* will assist you in becoming your authentic self and fully allowing your true potential by sharing my knowledge about spirituality, deliberate creation, ritual and magick as a lifelong hedgewitch and professional Source-ress.


I’d like you to feel at home here, Lovely Witchy Reader.

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