How to Get Over Your Ex Part 1: Dissolving Ties & Letting Go

How to get over a break up and heal from heartbreak with energy healing and ritual.


Get Over Your Ex Part 1: Letting Go |



At the onset of heartache resulting from a breakup, separation or divorce it is always beneficial to support the grieving process and period of adjustment from partnership to single-wholeness with an energetic standpoint as well.



This post outlines a ritual technique that I have given to a number of my 1:1 clients to complement the physical removal of a person, the belongings associated with them and lifestyle changes.



The Cleansing


Set up a meditative ambience as you like it (soft music, candlelight etc). Draw a nice warm bath and depending on the size of the tub add one cup or half a cup of sea salt to dissolve. Ideal timing for this rite is when the moon is waning in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces). If you don’t have access to a bath refer to ***



You can add some fresh or dried thyme, marjoram or chamomile (you can even use a teabag) to the bath. Before doing so hold it in your hand and imagine a white light glowing through it, awakening its spirit and ask it to assist you with your intentions for this releasing bath.



Once you are in the bath ask your spirit helpers, your ancestral bloodlines (known and unknown), the energy of the waning moon and the spirit of Venus to enter your space and to infuse these waters in support of your intentions to release all the emotional baggage that no longer serves you that you have built up in your body and energy field.



Pause until you sense a shift in energy or receive some form of confirmation unique to you that this has occurred. Ask for assistance in letting go of all that you have held on to that you were perhaps unable to process before, now.



***Shower method: Blend a litre or two of warm water with the sea salt and add any herbs you may be using in a clean bucket. Perform the action from the above paragraph first then standing in the shower sponge yourself from head to toe with the warm water blend. Rinse off in the shower and it is done.




Now You Are Ready to Cut Cords


{This is a suggested script, if you want to know more about what cutting cords means please read this post}



“Archangel Michael (or your preference) I call upon you now to sever the cords


that restrict me and keep me attached to situations, objects, negative emotions


and anything else regarding [name of ex].


Please dissolve all thought forms that no longer serve me and


transmute them in pure Source light.


I commit [name of ex] to her/his future and cast her/him from mine,


I dissolve all commitment to her/his emotional welfare,


in all lifetimes, in all timeframes, on all dimensions, known and unknown.


I dissolve all cords that tie me to the past so that I


may have the courage and strength to move into the new and better.


May this be granted for the wellbeing of all.


And so it is.




Picture your ex in your mind and imagine all traces of her/his energy leaving your personal field ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and astrally.



Open your awareness to a motion of energy (sometimes it can feel like a car wash) flowing around and through you, removing any residue you may feel still held in your being concerning this relationship. Imagine it all being washed away.



Every single last bit. Visualise your energy purified and pristine.



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