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A Simple Solstice Ceremony

A Simple Solstice Ceremony

During a sacred ceremony, you create an interlude where you are at one with All That Is. Ritual adds power to actions and conveys a profound message to the subconscious mind.


Time and place cease to exist and it is just you and Original Substance. This union of heart and mind nourishes your soul and brings you into alignment with your Truth.


If you find yourself feeling distant from your core, whether it is due to mental, emotional or physical trial, at the solstice is a good time to reconnect so that Creative Power can flow uninhibited around you and through you.


A Simple Solitary Solstice Ritual

1.) Set up an altar in a quiet area with some items you hold sacred on it. For winter solstice you may wish to use traditional colours of red and green. For summer solstice you may wish to use dark blue and silver.


2.) Set an intention for your ceremony such as; releasing something that no longer serves you, healing, celebrating a triumph, honouring an aspect of your life or self.


3.) Call upon your Spirit Helpers and breathe into their powerful, loving energy deeply. Ask them to guide you through the process, to show you what you need to know, trust what you intuit and ease into each moment as it unfolds in the days and weeks to come.


4.) Imagine golden shimmering light shining upon you and sense your cells absorbing the life-affirming photons, vitalising you to your core. It is done.


May each solstice sunray beam a blessing upon you!


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