What Ritual Is and How It Works

What is the point of performing ritual magick? How it works and how to begin…


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So many people today dismiss ritual and ceremony as something fine to behold yet irrelevant to “modern life.”



If you have ever participated in or carried out a ceremony, have you noticed how you feel better? More serene, more connected and aligned, more balanced?



Ceremony is just ritual beautified by incorporating more embellishments.



Ritual holds within it something primal that tugs at our archetypal roots and strengthens the link to our collective unconscious.



Powerful, mysterious, profound and vast, the sum total of all that was, all that could be and all that is yet to come.




What is ritual?


Ritual is a series of actions which lead you into the vortex, connecting you with your core Self and facilitates stepping into the essence of the relationship you want with whatever you desire E.G. wealth, success, love, health, appreciation.



It can be employed to enhance your sensory experience, alleviate emotional anguish, become more mindful, mark an ending and a new beginning and symbolically restore order to perceived chaos.



Ritual also helps you hold that vibration intensely for an extended period and effectively bridges the gap from “here” to “there” through all time and space. Ritual is the thread spun outside of our conceptual framework that turns metaphor and vision physical.




Ritual can be as mundane as the habits you cultivate around rising in the morning, preparing for tasks and exercising. Your daily practise as it were. 



Or ritual can be arcane such as lighting a candle, ensorcelling some botanicals, greeting the elements and placing an enchanted item strategically with purpose.




Either way you carry this set of motions out with deliberate purpose, holding a specific outcome in mind as a result of your action. Whether you are altering your habits to get fit, gain more financial security or to catch that cutie down the road’s eye.




What is the purpose of ritual?


Ritual melds the left and right brain, lending tangibility to the subtle energies you are drawing on, rearranging your unique vibration to shift into the potential you are shaping for it. Ritual brings you from a state of distraction into a centred presence from where you function optimally.



When you make behavioural change from within, the change is reflected without. Do what you say you are going to do. Be the instigator of transformation. Think, act and speak like the expression of you that you are choosing to become.



Slay those rituals that no longer serve your truth or meet your core values.




How to Begin


Change your diet, start exercising, expand your streams of income, diversify your talents, recite your mantras, attend single’s mixers, type that set number of words per day, take a bath, sprinkle salt, bake and bewitch a gingerbread man.



Choose a set of actions that take you closer to who or where you want to be, apply them consistently and to the best of your ability and you will see results. Also bear in mind that every day is an opportunity to start anew. In fact so is every moment.



*I Am Witch. I merge the everyday with magickal finesse.*

Own it. You know you want to.




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