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The Truth About Divination

The Truth About Divination

A client of mine was involved in a debacle with the seller of a house she and her fiancé had purchased and the thought crossed my mind about what a wonderful service divination provides.


Let me clarify first that divination is NOT predicting the future. There is no such thing as clearly defined future “set in stone” since we create in the present moment the series of moments that follow. At any point in time we can influence what happens next.


When I need to take a fairly major decision I like to consult an oracle with a simple question like:


If I take this action, what will I learn? OR

What do I need to know about X?


  • It doesn’t tell me what to do.


  • It offers insight, regarding current circumstances, into possibilities I may be blind to or unaware of.


  • A successful divination session leaves you feeling uplifted and empowered.



How does divination work?

Because we are all energy our emotions act as transmitters of the energy we project into our reality. It is the emotional experience that holds value to your soul, not the actual details of the experience which you go through.


By the Law of Attraction, you will select the most appropriate cards or Runes which resonate with where you are at. When divining about a particular person or situation, since we are all interconnected, you also connect with their energy and so draw the appropriate cards/Runes that provide insight into their motives or intentions.


Once you have the awareness you are able to shift your perspective and vibrational tone confidently to shape the outcome as you desire to experience it. If you are too emotionally invested in the situation, the best course of action tends to be blurred ~ ask a neutral party to do the divination for you.


Open your Self to all possibilities in order to allow the universe to provide you with the opportunities of your dreams in wonderful and miraculous ways. All realities have played out already. Anything is possible, expect to be surprised!


*I Am Witch. When I ask the Universe answers.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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