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Witch’s Birthday Ritual

Witch’s Birthday Ritual

Each year around your birthday you experience a solar return. This is when the sun reaches the exact degree it was at the moment you were born, a return to its original position. It’s like a restore point for wholeness and reaffirmation of your unique energy signature.


At your solar return all your cells are illuminated by the specific starlight codes you chose to incarnate with to support your life’s mission.


Performing a birthday ritual takes advantage of your personal energy flow as it aligns with Earth and sky, to consciously magnetise your vibratory field inviting more of what you want to experience into the fresh solar cycle ahead.


How to Cast Your Own Birthday Spell


  • Orange votive or tealight candle
  • Fireproof candle holder
  • Lighter or matches
  • Sweet orange essential oil (optional)
  • Honey (the runny raw kind, not creamed/whipped)
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Gold glitter (optional)



  • The colour orange is associated with creativity, wisdom, luck and attraction. It stimulates confidence, courage, positivity and receptivity to abundance of all kinds.


  • The fragrance of sweet orange essential oil is pure sunshiney joy in a bottle and it shines on all aspects of our happiness, power of will, expansion and fun!


  • Cinnamon resonates with the energy of the Sun that enhances strength, health, protection and spirituality.


  • The frequency of Allspice is attuned to the planetary energy of Jupiter which promotes prosperity, success, optimism and higher consciousness. So you can see how these all weave a powerful birthday wish for the year ahead for you.


  • Honey is produced by worker bees and in utilising its properties you invite the support of the “universe’s worker bees,” your Interdimensional Support Team (spirits, guides, ascended masters, angels etc) to intervene on your path in your favour. Of course, it’s sweet and sticky ~ symbolic of all good things you want to stick to you.



The Beginning:

Take 3 deep breaths. With each inhalation imagine brilliant Source energy entering your crown chakra and with each exhalation visualise the light purifying your workspace and chosen items for use.


In a small glass or ceramic dish, place a dash of honey, sprinkled with cinnamon and allspice. Add a drop of sweet orange essential oil. If you are using glitter, add a little sparkle now. Blend with the Jupiter (index) finger of your dominant hand.


While you are melding the energies together, reflect on the energies of each ingredient as described above to amplify your intentions for the year ahead; what you want to be, do, have and experience in your new personal cycle.



The Middle:

Rub the enchanted mixture over the candle, which symbolises you and the attraction of all good things into your life then place the candle back in its fireproof holder.


As you light the wick, incant either out loud or in your mind, something along the lines of this incantation three times:


“May my birthday wishes be taken up in the light,

May my inner light burn bright,

In a year that I flourish,

And am continually nourished.

I welcome abundant blessings supporting and guiding

my most fulfilling and joyful path in the year to come.

For the benefit of all I set this in motion now

And so it is.”


Pause a moment to sense your heart centre filled with joy and let the sparkles of your good wishes surface like champagne bubbles from within the core of your being.


Imagine them floating from your body, expanding outward from your aura and releasing them throughout all time and space into the fabric of the universe to return to this physical realm in manifest form.


Take your time and enjoy your birthday ceremony!



The End:

Leave the candle to burn right out in a safe place and dispose of any waxy residue and excess honey mixture as you normally would.


It is advisable to journal about your experience and date your entry so that you can refer back to it just before your solar return next year to see what and how things transpired for you.


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