Be a confident soul connected Modern Witch every day



Greetings Sparkling One…


My name is Stella Seaspirit, I am a professional Source-ress and mentor to witchy starseed.



I activate and inspire you to embody your natural Witchiness AKA live in connection to your true self and the cosmos every day.



How do I do that? By helping make the “confusing parts” easy (and practical) for you and by making it simple to figure out what to focus on now to morph from spiritual 101 to galactic 404.



Watch the quick video (02:30 min) below about how I can help you or scroll down to continue reading 







You might find I am your kind of person if:


  • You have always been drawn to the Craft, even if your upbringing discouraged it


  • You are naturally Witchy and may feel isolated or scoffed at because you are a free spirit and free thinker


  • You share a strong bond with nature, the elements and are sensitive to energy frequency


  • Your emotions and motivation levels tend to be influenced by lunar rhythms or other astrological occurrences


  • You delight in simple ritual and subtle energy-craft that results in beautiful synchronicity


  • You want to live Witchy every day, as part of your truest expression of who you are (without dogma or religion). You want a soul nourishing lifestyle i.e. a living philosophy


  • You understand that life may not always be sunshine and rainbows (and know that you can use your inner power to create harmony regardless of what unfolds)




If you are anything like me, you agree that you did not arrive on my website by mistake.



Rather, it was a carefully co-ordinated series of motions by the Unseens that brought you here.



It’s their way of showing you that it is time to step into your true self Witchy One.





Ultimately, what I do is


Show you how to bring the magic you feel deep inside yourself to the surface and use it in the “real world” by facilitating space for you to; reaffirm your connection with Earth and Sky, strengthen your relationship with Spirit Helpers and re-member your mastery from other timelines you can embody it more fully on an everyday level.




Why? Because Witchcraft facilitates an expansive life through a bond with the vast and ancient, bringing forth what is unseen but felt to shape your present in the best way possible.




How? I’m a lifelong Hedgewitch, I wasn’t subjected to religious indoctrination. I hold qualifications in psychology and holistic therapies and I’ve been re-membering Who I Am since I was born. (You can view the full version of my story with pictures here if you like).




In short… I don’t know how to NOT be a Witch.

I have never been normal *cackle*




I help make the “confusing parts” easy (and practical) for you and make it simple to figure out what to focus on right now. I meet you where you are with your energy, beam in empowerment and instil wholeness wherever you are in the world (or out of this world).




My trainings are not some fru-fru new age fad that lack substance. While the core principles are not new (they are steeped in ancient wisdom after all) my offerings provide you with depth, insight and mastery.




Who? I work specifically with Starseed who are called by deep magick.



Starseed feel or know that their soul originates from another planet, galaxy or dimension and that they are here on Earth to contribute in some way to the upliftment of the collective.




My clients tend to be sensitive souls, spiritual seekers, empaths and lightworkers drawn to magic and witchery often with an early childhood interest or some memory of practicing spellcraft, astrology, Tarot, crystal healing, herbology, alchemy and the like in previous incarnations in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Avalon with the Druids and so on.




Yet as they wake up to more of their multidimensional nature they feel like a puzzle piece is missing or they have difficulty putting what they know or feel into practice in the physical plane.




Maybe you were born awake or at some stage awakened to a transformed sense of purpose, noticing either gradual or immediate shifts in consciousness, spiritual connection and enhanced extrasensory abilities. And now you feel ready to step into a truer version of you that uplifts all whom you encounter and makes positive far-reaching impact in this world and beyond.





How We Can Work Together


Currently I facilitate the space for you to activate, inspire and heal the Witch within you through sacred ritual and dynamic digital trainings that deliver ancient principles of the Craft to you in a very modern way for easy integration on your journey.




I also offer customised high-touch support to a handful of select clients throughout the year for an immersive mentoring passage. If you are ready to quantum leap into your next level of being that evokes more everyday magick and the power to bring about the changes you desire to live a happier, more fulfilling life, please apply here.




My students and clients say that they appreciate my compassionate, honest approach… not just trying to make them feel better, instead guiding and supporting them to fresh insight about a situation.




I don’t heal you, I’m a conduit for the energy that stimulates your innate abilities to heal yourself.




The learning never stops; it is experiential, expansive and empowering. I live my own eclectic form of spirituality. I have no interest in the religious and formal aspects of Witchcraft.




Rather I have my own way of relating to life and All There Is that contents me, I work directly with pure Source energy with no loyalty to any particular practice, other than what intuitively feels right. I encourage you to do the same in our time together.




Here’s My Formal Bio


Stella Seaspirit ~ Author + Mentor |


Stella Seaspirit, is a professional Source-ress who activates and inspires you to embody your natural Witchiness in simple, practical ways to live in greater connection to your true self and the cosmos every day.



She is a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master and holds a postgraduate degree in psychology. Stella works with a variety of modalities and sacred rituals to help people to experience their multidimensional and spiritual nature and feel more connected to their deeper selves and the cosmos.



As a lifelong hedgewitch with over 20 years of personal practice, Stella has been “officially” showing others how to successfully become more confident and soul connected Modern Witches, since 2006.




Where do we go from here?


If you would like to learn more about my backstory and my mission on the planet, you can do that. Or if you would like to know how to best get started on your journey as a Modern Witch powered by your soul essence and pure Source energy you can do that next…



 Read my tell all about how I came to be a Professional Source-ress



 Check out the Roadmap for Beginners >> Exactly What You Need to Get Started



 Dive straight in with the 14-Day Starter Kit for Awakening Modern Witches








This is your time to step into your true self Witchy One