Leverage Lunar Phases for More Ease and Flow in Your Life

The phase the Moon is in gives you an idea of what the energy of the next few days will be like.


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For example:


The waxing moon time is supportive of expansion, inspiration and creativity while the waning moon time is gestative, purging and discharging.



Knowledge of lunar energy helps you make decisions and time initiatives, cast spells and perform ritual that powerfully supports your goals. Taking action in step with lunar energies also helps you to find balance in different areas of your life, body, mind and soul.




Attuning to lunar phases helps you align with natural energy cycles so that you are aware of the energy highs and lows conducive to creating, developing, releasing and resting.




New Moon


An ideal energy for initiating anything new such as moving home, moving in with someone, getting married, job hunting and applying for promotion. Because new moon energy is about the unseen stirrings of life force that occur in the dark beneath the ground (akin to the germination of a seed) it is the time to sow your prayers, thought seeds and desires to take root and sprout as the light of the moon increases.




Waxing Moon


Occurs between New Moon and Full Moon is a time for growth. It is a time for setting intentions for manifestation. This makes it a creative time because energy is heightened, clarity of vision transpires and there is a magnetism that draws opportunities and possibilities toward you. Use this energy for constructing goals.




Full Moon


Occurs when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, creates an arc of energy between them over our planet. This arc creates a sensation of inner fullness, manifestations ripen or come to fruition and perception is sharper.



The intense energy amplifies the qualities of the sign the moon is in when it takes place. It also affects individuals who have the same sun sign more deeply. It is an excellent time for expressing appreciation and counting your blessings in order to receive and invite further manifestation of blessings in your life.




Waning Moon


Is conducive to taking action toward your goals constructed during waxing moon. It’s time to apply the insights received during the waxing phase. Banish obstacles to your goals, deconstruct circumstances you wish to remove from your life and release any concepts, patterns or habits that no longer serve you.



Waning moon is also a time for introspection, evaluation and release of what is no longer working or serving you. Favourable for easing addiction, separation, divorce, bringing justice to bear, breaking bad habits, finding lost or stolen items and neutralising situations.




Dark Moon


A quiet time for soul-searching, stillness and rest, three days before New Moon. Practise divination for the month to come or to reflect on the past month. Focus on personal issues in solitude for a while.



Listen to your body, integrate your experiences this past cycle and focus on activities that bring you back into harmony with your core self and Spirit. All rejuvenation is amplified tenfold.




Void Of Course Moon


When the Moon moves from one zodiac sign to another, just before it enters a new sign, it will make one final aspect (angle/connection) to another planet. The interval of time between that last aspect and the Moon entering the next sign is referred to as “void of course”.



This occurs every two days or so and can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.



Since the moon governs your deepest feelings, self-expression and emotional nature, during moon void of course you can feel disconnected and distracted so your judgement may be impaired or things can go off in unforeseen directions.



Thus VOC is considered unfavourable for setting big goals, making major decisions, purchases or repairs because they can turn out quite differently than planned. Material projects begun when the moon is void rarely come to fruition.



It is favourable for spiritual/non-material concerns such as; relaxing, taking a breather, doing something fun, gardening, meditating, continuing with a light intellectual workload, carrying out routine tasks related to general upkeep, working on projects you have already initiated and exercising.



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