Hit a Rough Patch?

It happens… There are times in life where you just find yourself amidst a situation you would rather not be in.


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A rough patch could encompass a morning, a day, a week, a month, a year or even a batch of years. It feels oppressive, dismal and heavy and you just can’t see how or when you are going to get out of it.



Great! So you clearly know what you don’t want.



Now you just need to re-shape the situation into something you would prefer.



Here are some steps you can take:



1. Accept


  • I accept where I find myself right now



  • I accept my partial role in the circumstances that brought me here



  • I accept the opportunity for growth and learning inherent in my current state of affairs



  • I accept my innate power that offers me the ability to transform this situation as I now choose




2. Invite


  • Universe (or whatever your preference) I don’t feel things are going so well. So if you really want me to have/do/be X in a mundane sense, in a way that supports my soul self, I’m giving this three New Moons. If in three full lunar months I don’t have more X coming in or X isn’t working out for me I’m closing this request for good.



  • Spirit (or whatever your preference) bring me a message about my next step. Show me in a way that super-imposes so that I will notice and know that it clearly pertains to me.



  • Don’t obsessively look for messages in everything. Trust you will receive them effortlessly.



  • Don’t expect to dodge the inner work. You may have to address a shadow aspect such as exploring co-dependency, a lack of self-esteem etc.




3. Listen


  • Listen to your body and emotions. If you want to cry, scream or exile yourself to a bed-cave for a day or three do it. Get the initial emotional reaction fully out



  • When you feel ready, enter your centre of calm. Your centre of calm exists only in the present moment. You cannot be digging up the past or spewing anxiety into the future and be in your centre. Do what is right before you which you have control over. Pack those boxes. Clean that kitchen. Rearrange the furniture. Plant those seeds. Take that walk.



  • Observe what happens without emotional attachment, stay as neutral as possible, as if you are watching a play which just happens to be about you. Allow inquisitiveness in, muse about your performance, the significance of other’s roles, recurring themes and possible twists in the tale.



  • Listen to your intuition around the subject. This can only be done successfully from your centre of calm. Stop stressing, otherwise you create so much internal noise that it renders you unable to perceive guidance offered, opportunities presented or possibilities produced.




Through acceptance, invitation and listening, you will come to know what it is you truly want to experience next so that you can pass that instruction on to the matrix through aligned thought, word, sentiment and deed.




What have you done lately to step into your centre of calm?



In this space you are able to listen calmly and mindfully before eliciting a deliberate, smart decision from the core of your being.



* I Am Witch. How and when belongs to Creative Flow. Instruction in the present is where the seat of my power resides.*

Own it. You know you want to.




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