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Does Casting a Spell have Negative Side-effects?

Does Casting a Spell have Negative Side-effects?

We have all heard the urban legends about the girl that cast a love spell who then met the perfect man only for the relationship to be short-lived and end traumatically. Or the one about the guy who cast a money spell and his father died in a car crash the next day so he received his inheritance.


Based on those cautionary tales, I can’t blame newcomers to the Craft for experiencing some hesitancy and anxiety when it comes to the point where you consider casting your own spells.


The short answer

Only if you believe that what you are asking for will have a negative side-effect or if you deem what you are doing as “wrong” from the outset.


The long answer

There are a number of factors to take into account that affect the vibrational space you cast your spell from that is, the energy your request is born from.


When you cast a spell it is like blowing bubbles. You touch the very essence of its form with the life force you breathe into it at the time you cast it into the universe. Manage that breath well and experience high-quality results.


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Ways to curtail negative side-effects:

  • Engage in a form of divination to see what effect magick will have on a situation; you could consult an oracle like the Tarot, Lenormand cards or Runes for this kind of forecast.


  • If you just need a straight yes/no regarding the employ of a spell; use a pendulum, muscle test, ask for a clear sign from your Spirit Helpers or flip a coin with heads indicating go ahead and tails meaning “NO.”


  • Don’t cast a spell when you are feeling sick or unwell in general. Your energy is imbalanced and needs to focus on restoring wholeness within you first.


  • Don’t cast a spell when you are having a frothy (angry, frantic, frustrated, annoyed etc):


1) You may change your mind later

2) You may not have all the facts immediately

3) Frothy energy is weak compared to full, grounded, calm, centered energy

4) Your head and heart space are not clear on what result you really seek


  • If you need to cast in an emergency situation E.G. protect someone from an abusive/dangerous situation, locate the missing family pet et al. Take three deep breaths, ground and centre, wait two minutes and then approach your altar.


  • Don’t cast a spell when you are intoxicated (on any substance).


  • Don’t haphazardly invite in energies (discarnate, incarnate or symbolic) you know nothing about.


  • Cleanse any new or second hand items you bring into your space.


  • Maintain your focus during the spell. Concentrate on the task at hand and don’t multi-task by attempting to cast two diverse spells simultaneously.


  • Take the time to sit down with yourself and get clear on what it is that you really want, sometimes it helps to dig deeper to see if there is an underlying insecurity or misconception on your part.


  • Old wounds are best made whole rather than creating the same results repeatedly by ignoring them and hoping a spell will fix you. Resolve your “issues” first so your spell stems from a place of wholeness.


  • If it sets your mind at ease, include a safety clause in your spell, such as “I ask for this under grace and for the highest good of all concerned.”


The detail of the matter is

The detail of the matter is that you don’t inflict harm on anybody. If you have been wronged and seek justice (you need not specify the means by which it is delivered) it is that own person’s actions, thoughts and feelings about what they have done that engulfs them.


Likewise you don’t cause another’s death. It is their time when they go. No one dies “before their time” or “too young.” It is a soul level choice. Whatever you do, make sure you feel comfortable asking for it and are willing to explain why you did it, in the case of casting for vengeance, to Source (or your preference).


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