How to Break a Curse |

Learn how to be unaffected by any curses, negative intentions or psychic attack directed your way. Also discover how to break curses, reverse malicious magic and realign with your higher self to transmute anything that attempts to dull your light with pure Source energy.

How to Tell If You Have Been Cursed

What most people actually think is a curse, isn’t (and why) and how to know if you have been cursed.

Let me begin by saying, you cannot be cursed by another person unless you accept it.

That is, you give your power over to another being/entity by believing that they can influence your reality and assume the role of a victim.

Many people contact me to say they have been cursed and 99% of the time they know who cursed them. They find logical evidence of the matter to support this notion and what happens is the “curse” plays out as a self-fulfilling prophecy. 


If you believe that the Curser can harm you, then you as the Cursee will experience that which you consider harmful. Your belief that the Curser has power over you with a curse is what fuels your experience of it.


Most of us have experienced a series of “unlucky” events, phases of mood swings, depression, mania etc but when you just live through it trusting that it will end it does. When you obsess over it you play mind games with yourself.

Turn within to examine what is going on internally. What thought patterns do you repeat over and over again? What kind of emotions do you slip into comfortably? Are you mindful? Optimistic?

For example, do you focus on; abundance, affection, comfort, confidence, excitement, joy and love? Or anger, confusion, disappointment, lack, sadness and stress? 

By deeming external influences such as another being or entity is causing your grievances, you give your power away.

It is challenging to accept responsibility sometimes and acknowledge that your environment is not the key contributing factor and that it is all in your head and being stirred by emotional currents, but the wisdom that accompanies this insight is supreme.

All energy flows in the same direction with no polarity. You direct waves of energy into manifest particles which you judge as either good or bad according to what you believe to be true and probable and experience it as such in your reality.

Lower vibratory entities can only affect you if you give precedence to them by entertaining the notion that they can. Fear, misinformation and lack of knowledge about psychic shielding are predominant factors.

If you don’t consciously preserve your energy field, it is like walking around with your phone or netbook connected to an unsecure wi-fi network ~ obliviously draining bandwidth and battery-power with no firewalls set in place to limit who is allowed in your space.

99% of the time what appears to be attacking you is a thought-form shaped by your own beliefs and emotions which feed it. I have mentioned the effects of the repressed shadow self and shadow work before so that you can really examine how you may be fanning the flames of a fire of your own making. 

If however, after some honest self-appraisal and introspection you still believe that you are within the 1% possibility of being cursed it is advisable to consult a reputable diviner to confirm whether this is indeed the case and to explore what can be done to break it.


How To Remove a Self Fulfilling Prophecy (With Ritual)

How can a curse work if you are unaware of it? And exactly how to perform a ritual that will remove a self-imposed mental curse yourself.

Reader Question:

“What I would like to understand is how the “curse” could work if the person (initially, at least) is totally unaware of it?” 

Good question, I don’t think anybody knows the exact answer to this for sure. My theory is as follows: 


The human mind is incredibly powerful, we all have an archetypal saboteur because our negating “chattering monkey” egos like to rationalise and justify things. Perhaps when we are sabotaging ourselves we create an image of the essence of that which is blocking us.

The human mind is also highly subjective. We give the resistance energy a form. This can be projected onto a specific person we know (who as a soul contract agreed to mirror this for us) or a complete “stranger” such as an entity or a series of “unlucky” events we conjure into our experiences.

It is possible too I think that since all our memories (conscious and collective unconscious) are held within our DNA that we can “recall” these memories from parallel lifetimes.

These memories are held within every single cell in our bodies and can manifest in the physical if we place attention on it. Then it is our lesson to release that memory and declare that we refuse to repeat that pattern again. We experience resistance when our emotions are incongruent with our desires.

We are “unaware” because we are repressing or denying an aspect of ourselves relegated to the confines of our subconscious and eventually this bottled up energy begins to act up in your life. The more you disown it the more magnified it will become. As soon as you recognise it and name it for what it is, it loses its power.

Often another person is also able to tune in to the same image or energy you are experiencing because of the soul connection we all share and generally intuition will convey information related to strong emotions since our emotions act as transmitters of the energy we project into our reality.

Having someone else remove the curse (referring to the 99% probability) disempowers the Cursee, rendering her/him at the mercy of another instead of claiming her/his own power. If you are within the 1% possibility, then due to the cumulative nature of a genuine curse you will likely need a professional to help you break it.


With a new perspective and awareness, remove the mental “curse” yourself:

Mix some fine sea salt into 2-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil and rub the mixture all over your body from the tip of your scalp to beneath the soles of your feet. Get into a warm bath or shower.

Call upon your Spirit Helpers etc if you so wish and ask them to assist you to cleanse your mental, physical and energy bodies.

Consider how you would like to go about things differently, what you would like to change about your current circumstances and think back to how you played a role in creating all that has occurred up until now.

Decide what you want to do about it right now in order to create differently. Pause to feel how things are shifting and recalibrating. Breathe deeply for a period of two minutes.

Step out of the bath or shower, towel off and surround yourself in your mind’s eye within a powerful, protective soft cloak; blue, black, white or gold are the usual colours ~ it varies from person to person.

Pick what resonates for you. Drink a large glass of water or several if you like to help your physical body recalibrate. It is done.


A Real Curse Removal Spell (That Works)

Once you have ascertained the 99% probability that you have indeed been hexed/ cursed/ the target of someone’s malicious negative intentions follow these steps…

Phase i

1.1) Take a moment or two to sit before your meditation altar. Have something that represents each of the elements on it and follow these 4 steps to settle into calm presence.

1.2) If you are so inclined, you may wish to brew a cup of stinging nettle tea (available for purchase from a health shop). The spirit of this plant will help cleanse your collective cellular energy and DNA memory of all generations, from the inside if you ask.

1.3) Ask the Ancient Ones of Air, Fire, Water and Earth each in turn to witness and preside over this curse-breaking rite.

1.4) Call upon your personal interdimensional support team (Spirit Helpers/ Source /your preference) to support you and facilitate this rite.

1.5) Ask that all ancestors from all bloodlines, known and unknown preside and help you resolve this family curse issue once and for all.

1.6) Affirm that you are ready and willing to release what no longer serves you and your ancestral lineage throughout all dimensions and on all levels, in order for a new paradigm to open up with this eclipse portal that closes this chapter for good.


Phase ii

2.1) Set two white candles (unburned, any kind).

2.2) Carve the following Runes into each candle with the tip of a nail file, knife or toothpick etc.

On one candle, the Rune Thurisaz:

How to Break a Curse |

On the other candle, the Rune Teiwaz:

How to Break a Curse |

2.3) After carving the runes, touch your finger to your tongue and smear some of your saliva over the Rune symbol to imbue it with your DNA, whilst doing so envision all negativity disintegrating and good fortune returning to your life.

2.4) Place the candles in fireproof holders in your bathroom to the left and to the right of where you will step when you exit your bath or shower. This makes a “gateway” of sorts. Please be careful and respectful of this element.

2.5) Run a cleansing bath with one or any combination of these: rosemary, juniper, hyssop, basil, chamomile or lemon.

2.6) You can use dried herbs or essential oils, whatever you have on hand or can easily obtain. Add a cup of real salt (either coarse sea salt or Himalayan salt) to the bath. If nothing else, Epsom salts and/or baking soda will do.

2.7) If you want to use crystals; black tourmaline, smoky quartz and/haematite are best. Place them in the water or nearby as you wish.

2.8) Whichever ingredients you choose to utilise above, take a moment to pause and connect with the overlighting spirit of each and ask them to support your intentions for this rite.

2.9) Disrobe if you haven’t already and swish the water to dissolve the grains of salt.

2.10) From the side of your bath, where you get in, so that you are not crossing the threshold created by the space between the two candles, light the candle wicks, then hop into the bath.

2.11) If you do not have a bath you can adapt this method to make a body scrub with the salt, herbs and oils and once in the shower, before turning the water on, rub the mixture all over from head to toe (including the top of your crown on your head and the bottom of the soles of your feet). You can use some coconut oil as a binding agent.


Phase iii

3.1) Once in the bathwater or shower, bring to mind all wrongs over the decades relating to your family as you briefly mentioned in your email.

3.2) With each thought pause and affirm “I release you now”. Exhale deliberately and fully.

3.3) Then inhale deeply and imagine your life force being returned to you, drawing it back into your energy field from the past, building your strength and vitality.

3.4) Keep purging all these memories and slights from your mind, releasing them in turn into the water for transmutation with your exhalations. Drawing back your life force with your inhalations. Continue until you have nothing left to bring to mind.

3.5) Now you are ready to cut cords.

Affirm, “I now sever the cords that restrict me and keep me attached to situations, objects, negative emotions and anything else regarding [name of people you believe to be responsible]. Please dissolve all thought forms that no longer serve me and transmute them in pure Source light.

I commit [name of people you believe to be responsible] to their future and cast them from mine, I dissolve any formal or informal commitment to them whatsoever, throughout all lifetimes, in all timeframes, on all dimensions, known and unknown.

I dissolve all cords that tie me to the past so that I may have the courage and strength to move into the new and better. I set this in motion now and so it is.”

3.6) If you are in the shower imagine the energy travelling down the drain into the Earth for transmutation to be returned to Source to create better. If in the bath, pull the plug while imagining this as the water drains out. Only get out of the bath tub once all the water has drained. If utilising a shower, this doesn’t matter as once you shut the water off it is done.

3.7) Affirm, “I release all that no longer serves me in accordance with my highest good and make room for more light and good fortune to flow.”

3.8) Exit your bath/shower and step between the two candles. Stand there for a long pause and imagine the flames of each candle rising higher growing larger and more intense in heat and brightness. In your mind’s eye see the flames meet above your head, forming a perfect archway.

3.9) Imagine the fire burning away the past, all binds and negativity, malevolence and any psychic hooks and/or debris. Sense, feel, know it is done. Do not look back at the bath or shower as you symbolically step forward into a new Now, never to be the same again.

3.10) Extinguish the candles, affirming “until next time” as you can reuse them in this manner every time you have a desire to cleanse and reset your energy field in future.


Phase iv

4.1) Towel off and dress.

4.2) Return to your meditation altar and placing your hand over your heart, imagine healing light travelling around and through your heart centre.

4.3) Allow your auric field to grow and glow brightly, brighter than you have ever dared and bigger than you ever thought possible, expanding beyond the room you are in, your home, your suburb, city, country and so on until you are enveloped in space.

Firmly in the hands of the divine and in the heart of All That Is.

4.4) Know that the energy moves around and through you always and that the healing will continue in the days and weeks to come.

4.5) Allow any messages to pop into your mind if there is something for you from spirit to hear. Alternatively if you usually draw cards or some similar method of spirit communication you may wish to do so.

4.6) You may wish to lie down with your back flat on the ground otherwise sit in peaceful, loving silence. Lighter and stronger. Fully transformed.

4.7) When you feel ready, have something to eat to ground your energy. Make sure you drink enough water to assist your physical body to process the higher frequencies of spirit as you calibrate to a new life and way of being.

4.8) Be gentle and compassionate with yourself for the next 3 days, do things that you take pleasure and comfort in and if you must be in the company of others be selective about who you intermingle your energy with. Within 21 days you will have noticed another significant shift.


When It Is Appropriate To Hex

Having discussed the theory of cursing from the perspective of the Cursee previously, I thought it fitting to explore it (with practical examples) from the flip side as the Cursor here.

The words curse and hex have a strong stigma of malevolence.

However, I am of the opinion that it is acceptable to hex when you do it from a place that seeks to effect change of your personal circumstance for the better.

For me this includes personal safety and protection of your space as well as loved ones, and your community at large.


For Example

>> A government department has lost an important document and you don’t want to go through the hassle of reapplying for it so you bewitch the office by sending a powerful vortex of energy to find your document in record time.

>> Your sister is in a volatile relationship and you cannot speak with her about it so you send a curse that thwarts the old pattern of abuse in a most deliciously surprising way.

>> You have paid for a service which was only half rendered and you request completion to no avail so you hex the service provider in question to have repetitive thoughts about you until they deliver.

>> You have a creepy, stalkery, borderline sexual harasser co-worker and you make an enchantment to keep them at bay.

>> Local authorities are searching for a dangerous offender/s, members of your community are at risk, and you weave a little something to trip them up and land them securely in the arms of the law. 

>> Your child is being bullied by peers, mistreated by someone (perhaps a step parent) or you notice behavioural changes in your child from engaging with a stranger who is targeting them online. So you serve something up to restrain them.


Obviously, before practising any of these tactics, there is deliberation and careful consideration on your part as to whether this kind of “fire power” will satisfy you. Check your vibe:

• Is this coming from a place of ego; revenge, anger or loathing?

• Are you setting boundaries ~ not cutting someone down for the sake of it?

• Have you calmly thought this through, contemplated it and decided this to be your most appropriate, justified course of action? (Not a knee-jerk reaction).


Then proceed accordingly. Remember, you don’t need to specify what must happen to them, or that they befall any particular harm.

You are simply asking for them to receive a taste of their own medicine (what they put out). That they experience greater self-awareness about the harm and/or trouble they have incurred. For the world to reflect their attitude right back at them.

Leave it open to the Powers That Be to deliver this in the best way they deem fit? It will be way better than any scenario you could think up anyway!

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.