7 Wickedly Easy Stress Relieving Ideas

Self-care tips for the Modern Witch who is busy and stressed!



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Many of you juggle several different things in your lives at a time, whether it is work, kids and furthering your studies or balancing household requirements that all seem to emerge at the same time.



Couple that with an incessant drive to access your inherent power through self-knowledge and applying a living philosophy to your everyday life, it’s easy to feel burnt out especially as the moons wax and wane and the seasons turn when your body naturally begins to anticipate a deceleration of sorts.



7 Wickedly Easy Stress Relieving Ideas


1) Add a handful of coarse sea salt to tepid bathwater or exfoliate with a past of fine sea salt and almond oil before showering



2) Place 2 or 3 drops of chamomile or lemongrass essential oil on the outer edge of your shower floor or add to your bathwater



3) Soak your feet in a foot spa with some smooth pebbles or gemstones in the base to massage the soles of your feet on



4) Sleep with a rose quartz in your hand ~ facilitates dissipation of emotional turmoil



5) Listen to a relaxation meditation after turning the light out



6) Sit quietly by candlelight for 5 or 10 minutes unpacking your day and unwinding from the day’s activities before going to bed



7) Breathe in deeply, holding each inhalation for 30 seconds (or whatever is comfortable for you) then exhale slowly and fully before the next inhalation



 This one simple technique shifts you OUT of panic and step INto your personal power.



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