The Sabbats: Quarter Days: Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes

Why this event is significant, how to celebrate whether you are in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere and what you can use the energy of this seasonal turning point for.



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Every year in March and September the sun crosses over Earth’s equator for what we know as the equinox to occur at the time when the sun (in tropical astrology) is moving into the cardinal sign of Aries in March, or Libra in September.



On an energy level this is opens up a portal so potent that it can be felt twenty-four hours before and after the cosmic event.



This energy is available for anyone to access should you wish to.



The equinox marks a balanced still point where dark and light, day and night are almost equal in length across the globe. Thus the equinox marks a natural turning point because from this Quarter Day onward, daylight either increases or decreases with a correlating shift in night time depending on whether you are entering spring or autumn.




Why is this significant?


Greater volumes of light and cosmic wisdom shower the planet, vibrationally affecting all upon her on some level. This means you have the ability to clear, unblock and release what is stagnant and no longer serves who you are.



Every three months (with the Quarter Days) you have the opportunity to invoke greater alignment and harmony, increase your capacity of light and step from an old cycle into a new by consciously engaging the boundless still point within you where the seen and unseen coalesce.




Ways to celebrate the equinox and consciously engage this energy:



If you are entering Spring: Focus on sowing the seed of creativity and birthing new visions to bring growth and vitality to what you wish to experience in your life next, open up opportunity, stimulate movement, bring your inner out and come into greater harmony.



If you are entering Autumn: Focus on harvesting what was sown in an earlier season and discarding energy drains that no longer serve who you are now to recondition situations and lend focus to inner connections, clarity and come into greater alignment.





No matter where you are take some time to:



  • Watch the sun rise or walk in nature in silence, connect with the guardian spirits and/or leave a small token, fruit or seed for the wildlings in offering



  • Transform challenges by taking inspired action instead of waiting for something to happen, feeling like a martyr or that it has to be difficult to be worth it. Do your part to prepare for success to the best of your ability then trust it will all work out.



  • Decide what you will carry forward this season that truly benefits not only your health and wellbeing but that of Earth and all her inhabitants as well



  • Access inner stillness, with your hand over your heart imagine bright light streaming in through your crown, flowing into your heart and from there travelling around your body, lighting up all your cells. This raises your vibration and enhances your ability to receive transmissions of cosmic wisdom



  • Confirm Oneness over separation ~ liquesce into a deep soul connection with All That Is and ask to experience a more tangible relationship with the unseen realms as you embody more of your Source aspect for personal and spiritual expansion in magical ways.



  • Repeat this bi-annually because the light code activations, wisdom and frequencies of this solar gateway are cumulative. Every time you invoke this energy you raise your consciousness, as well as that of the human collective and the planetary grid is empowered!



  • A cycle is a repeating pattern within the infinite expanse of time so there is no clear-cut beginning or end. Each new cycle stems from the old cycle and concludes carrying the seeds of the next upon cosmic winds. Choose to shed what no longer serves you and step into a fresh timeline.




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