Sabbats Equinox Ritual |

Why this event is significant, how to celebrate whether you are in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere and what you can use the energy of this seasonal turning point for.

Every year in March and September the sun crosses over Earth’s equator. The equinox marks a balanced still point where day and night, solar and lunar energies are almost equal in length across the globe.


Thus the equinox marks a natural turning point because from this quarter day onward, daylight either increases or decreases with a correlating shift in night time depending on whether you are entering spring or autumn.

Observing the path of the seasons reveals the sequence of transformation that occurs in nature. How it affects environmental mood as well as the ebb and flow of energy rhythms which influences us biologically, emotionally and spiritually.


Why Is This Significant?

Every time we have an equinox the sun (in tropical astrology) is moving into the cardinal sign of Aries in March or Libra in September, the energy of these signs are initiatory.

There is a substantial change in the electromagnetic field of the Earth for the few days before and after equinoxes, which allows us to access higher level information.


This is the reason why ancient peoples held ceremonies on these days, because they were aware that the veil became thinner, to access the new wavelength of incoming light codes and frequencies which is beneficial for us in order to shift and refine our consciousness, both individually and collectively.

Simply put, it is an opportunity for us to access a stream of super consciousness; this means you have the ability to clear, unblock and release what is stagnant and no longer serves who you are.


Think of them as cosmic software updates, but for human biocircuitry to a new version for the next three months.

Every three months (with the quarter days) you have the opportunity to invoke greater alignment and harmony, increase your capacity of light and step from an old cycle into a new by consciously engaging the boundless still point within you where the seen and unseen coalesce.


How you can consciously engage this energy


Vernal/Spring Equinox

• In the Southern Hemisphere traditionally celebrated 21, 22 or 23 September. (Exact astrological point September 20 – 24)

• In the Northern Hemisphere traditionally celebrated 21, 22 or 23 March. (Exact astrological point March 19 – 23)


Night and day are almost equal, with light on the increase. The energies of nature subtly shift from the dormant hibernation of Winter to the ecstatic expansion of spring. It is a time of awakening, fertility and new growth.

Animals become more active, there are many newborn animals, birds return and creatures emerge from hibernation. The first wild flowers appear and the seeds that fell in Autumn that began germinating underground at Imbolc burst forth and grow. Fragile buds emerge. Greenery returns to trees and we experience a sense of restlessness a.k.a. “Spring Fever”.


The sun’s potency increases greening of the fields and once again we delight in the abundance of nature. Therefore this is a fertility festival celebrating the birth of Spring and the reawakening of life on the Earth. The egg symbol is representative of life. The golden orb of its yolk represents the Sun while its shell is seen as the omnipresence of All That Is. The whole egg is a symbol of rebirth apropos, the awakening of nature and new growth.

The energy of this festival highlights fertility of all kinds; conception, thoughts, ideas and plans. It is an occasion to project for health, good fortune and the confidence we require to achieve our goals. We expand on seeds planted at Imbolc by planting the seedlings in our gardens. Areas with colder climates will have to continue nursing seedlings to only transplant at Beltaine.


Focus on sowing the seed of creativity and birthing new visions to bring growth and vitality to what you wish to experience in your life next, open up opportunity, stimulate movement, bring your inner out and come into greater harmony.

*Interesting to note: Christian Easter is celebrated around the first full moon that occurs after the vernal equinox each year. The cross on hot cross buns? Yeah, it marks a quarter-day festival.


Suggested Plant Allies: All wild flowers, lotus, magnolia, jasmine, rose, honeysuckle, fennel, hyacinth, tansy, sunflowers seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds.

Suggested Crystal Helpers: Aquamarine, rose quartz, moonstone, malachite, citrine, rutile quartz, jade, moss agate.


Autumnal/Fall Equinox

• In the Southern Hemisphere is traditionally celebrated 21, 22 or 23 March. (Exact astrological point March 19 – 23)

• In the Northern Hemisphere is traditionally celebrated 21, 22 or 23 September. (Exact astrological point September 20 – 24)


Night and day are almost equal, with light on the decrease. The strength of the Sun will continue to wane until the winter solstice. This Sabbat marks the final grain harvest which started at Lughnasadh. It is the second harvest of fruits, nuts and vegetables.


Fruits are dropping and vegetable crops are being gathered. Most of the grain crops have been harvested. Some trees shed their leaves, perennials lose their outer stems and blossoms. Annuals begin to die off, although there is a spurt of new growth from “late bloomers” such as sunflowers still to be seen. Animals prepare for winter, grow thicker fur, migrate or commence hibernation.

Abundance is more noticeable than ever, not limited to material wealth it encompasses relationships, experiences and health too. At this time of the year we reap the fruits of our labour from both crops and experiences.


We acknowledge that which is passing, looking joyously at the experience the solar year has shared with us. We are reminded once again of the cycle of life; endings are merely new beginnings. All things must end, but the ending is always a good time to celebrate our successes, thank our selves and those who helped us, and to recognise the balance of life.

Focus on harvesting what was sown in an earlier season and discarding energy drains that no longer serve who you are now to recondition situations and lend focus to inner connections, clarity and come into greater alignment.


Metaphorically prepare for the Winter months by taking stock, as our ancestors would have continued storing and preserving resources for the desolate months. The spirit of “taking stock” leads us to introspection and assessment of gains and losses. We discard any figurative decaying fruit and vegetables from our lives to decompose and provide healthier soil for better growth in the Spring.


Suggested Plant Allies: All harvested crops (fruits, nuts, pulses, vegetables, grains), acorns, oak sprigs, tobacco, woven cane/wicker baskets and cornucopias, iconic pomegranates, apples, grapes and berries.

Suggested Crystal Helpers: Amethyst, yellow topaz, snowflake obsidian, sapphire, lapis lazuli, yellow agate, calcite.


No matter where you are take some time to:

• Watch the sun rise or walk in nature in silence, connect with the guardian spirits and/or leave a small token, fruit or seed for the wildlings in offering


• Imagine bright light streaming in through your crown, flowing into your heart and from there travelling around your body, lighting up all your cells. This raises your vibration and enhances your ability to receive transmissions of cosmic wisdom.


• Each new cycle stems from the old cycle and concludes carrying the seeds of the next upon cosmic winds. Choose to shed what no longer serves you and step into a fresh timeline.


• Traditionally both equinoxes are a good time for cleansing your home, physically and vibrationally. In autumn, to make the home comfy for the cold of winter and in spring to make way for the new. It’s also a good day to shake out the household’s dream catchers.


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