Who a cosmic lightweaver is, what they do and the way they might feel drawn to perform acts of magick with the celestial realm and creative intelligence of the universe.

There are many labels today for someone developing their intuition and connection to Source energy for personal insight and spiritual growth such as modern mystic, lightworker, starseed, spiritual seeker and mage.

I would venture to say these are people who love spending time exploring alternative and holistic modalities to make their lives and the space around them happier.


A cosmic lightweaver is someone who wants to incorporate magick, light and love into their everyday life to shine their inner light shine as brightly as possible to contribute to the upliftment of the planet, anchoring a higher frequency for the good of all.

A cosmic lightweaver naturally gravitates toward working with lunar phases, the sun, moon, planets and stars as well as astrology (planetary transits, alignments, eclipses and the zodiac) into their magickal workings.

A cosmic lightweaver feels or intuitively knows that their soul originates from another planet, galaxy or dimension.


In my personal experience, a cosmic lightweaver is particularly interested in forming a relationship with the celestial spirit that governs the energy of various things on the Earthly material plane to forge a link between themselves and the associated luminary, star or planet.

Like an “astro-shaman” drawing down the celestial energies into the physical plane for personal growth or creative expression through the primordial elements of creation.

Cosmic lightweavers possess an inner knowing that they are here on Earth to contribute in some way to the upliftment of the collective and want to use their magick to live their most fulfilling soul-satisfying life while also benefiting humanity and the planet.


Cosmic Lightweaving

Cosmic Lightweaver Qualities…


Elemental Composition:

Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus *ahem* stardust



Atomic Mass:

Adamantine Particles varying from 40-200kg.


A soul that has had many lifetimes on other planets and spiritual realms who has come to assist the collective shift in consciousness on Earth to a higher frequency in preparation for the next golden age.


Copious quantities across the globe we call planet Earth


Shiny objects, intelligent conversation, sunrays, moonbeams, starlight, rainbows, astrology, astronomy, storms, reading about ancient civilisations, ET’s, sacred geometry, travelling to sacred sites, mythology, esoterica, spirituality, surrealism, metaphysics, dragons, unicorns and felines (big and small).

Common characteristics:

Feeling like an alien dropped off on a foreign planet, inexplicable yearning to go “home,” recollection of bi-location abilities, a desire to heal/teach, empower or inspire, others experience your energy as either intense or aloof, a sense of duty to fulfil a mission, wondering what’s “wrong with people” because they are so different to you/ social awkwardness because you don’t fit in. 🙂

Sensitive to energies, feeling uncomfortable around others because you can “feel them”, health tends to be affected by a harsh/dense environment, daydreaming about life on other planets, enjoyment of technological gadgets and living near water is usually desirable.


Profound affinity for working with celestial energies (planets, stars and constellations). Sensing energy via any combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairaliance or clairgustance. Connecting with nature, close bond with the elementals, innate guiding wisdom ~ claircognisance. Natural-born advisor, energy healer, calming presence, can affect weather and technology. You see through lies.

Essentially we don’t all fit perfectly into any one label because we all carry a unique energy signature as an aspect of Source spark energy. Thus there is no true differentiation, only different expressions of your soul self filtered into this plane of awareness.


Bringing Your Magick to Life With Celestial Energies and the Elements

When you cast a spell, meditate, set an intention, script aloud what you would like to happen or any number of things you create a resonating field that spirals from the inside out, beginning with your blood.

By tuning the energy you step into the matrix (flow of life force) with, the etheric structure you build around yourself, through your thoughts, words, emotions and actions you generate a pattern within the liquid crystalline structure of your body.


This allows you to embody a new, expanded blueprint that lets you become that person you want to be now, instantly and fully at the moment of your thought’s inception. Your job then is to remain present in that different reality, owning it and uniting with it, merging long enough for it to take hold in your human bio-circuitry.

As a sentient being each constellation holds its own consciousness and domain of influence which affects the natural inclinations on Earth as the electro-magnetic waves of its energy field mingles with ours and the sun’s rays stream light over all who inhabit the Earth.


Newcomers to astrology often assume that their Sun sign is exclusive to all the other aspects of consciousness. It is necessary to understand that your Sun sign alone does not represent who you are and what you chose to incarnate with in this lifetime.

Everything is part of a greater whole and all twelve signs are expressed through you in different areas of your life. Therefore your unique birth chart illustrates your specific astrological constitution, skills, potential for advance and phases of expansion and rest expressed through all the signs and varying planetary positions.

By consciously engaging these cosmic allies and astro-mentors you can optimise your personal power, intentions, performance and results.


While the spirit of each celestial has its own unique frequency, you possess the ability to activate it within your energy field to give rise to an experience in your reality.

Cosmic allies and astro-mentors don’t influence us per se; it is actually how we experience what they activate within our energy field that determines how these activations translate into our lives on a mundane level.


<img draggable= Air <img draggable=

• Mutable Gemini (Yang/Assertive)

• Cardinal Libra (Yang/Assertive)

• Fixed Aquarius (Yang/Assertive)

Air Magick is used to soar your thoughts and speech into the universe’s slipstream and inflate your vibrational reach. The element of Air’s realm includes the intellect, communication, travel, focus, clarity and learning. It embodies the sacred masculine ~ projective and direct.


<img draggable= Fire <img draggable=

• Cardinal Aries (Yang/Assertive)

• Fixed Leo (Yang/Assertive)

• Mutable Sagittarius (Yang/Assertive)

Fire Magick is used to fuel your actions, imagination, drive for expansion and destruction of limitations. The element of Fire’s realm includes transformation, will power, passion, stamina and passion. It embodies the sacred masculine ~ assertive and purposeful.


<img draggable= Water <img draggable=

• Cancer (Yin/Receptive)

• Scorpio (Yin/Receptive)

• Pisces (Yin/Receptive)

Water Magick is used to draw your wishes to you, flowing with ease and grace on currents of opportunity and synchronicity. The element of Water’s realm includes healing, purification, the subconscious, dreaming, intuition and all emotions. It embodies the sacred feminine ~ receptive and creative.


<img draggable= Earth <img draggable=

• Taurus (Yin/Receptive)

• Virgo (Yin/Receptive)

• Capricorn (Yin/Receptive)

Earth Magick is used to build solid foundations and structure for your intentions to expand. The element of Earth’s realm includes business, abundance, employment, prosperity, stability, wealth and fertility. It embodies the sacred feminine ~ nurturing and fruitful.


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