Libra Magick |

How to connect and work with Libra new moon energy to set the tone for the fresh lunar cycle.

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned at the same degree in the same sign. The Moon lines up between the Earth and Sun, so your conscious self is in tune with the unconscious.

The sacred masculine (represented by the Sun) and sacred feminine (represented by the Moon) are symbolically united for seeds of intention to be sown. 


Libran energy combined with the initiatory energy attributed to New Moon lends massive impetus to connecting with and communicating truth, beauty, grace, harmony and balance. Both within and without.


10 ideas for Libra New Moon:

• Ponder and weigh up all aspects of existing relationships (all types). Select what is authentic and what brings to light the sparkle in your soul and focus on that

• Self-love; muse about your value and seek internal validation ~ beauty comes from within and then it manifests in your outer world

• Look for a deeper understanding of how others see you and how you see yourself

• Shift your perspective on a current circumstance which will serve you better in order to be beauty and create beauty. Transcend the current into new and greater possibilities

• Go out and make new friends that have mutual interests and lifestyles similar to the one you wish to lead ~ bonding that shapes you into abundance and fulfilment

• Connect to your inner truth and cut away all baggage from past experiences that may be stifling your sparkle. Simply stop reminding yourself about what happened last time and let go. (The FREE Light Spell audios can help with this)

• Sense that innate knowingness of the direction you want your life to take, tune into Cosmic Rhythm, heed your intuition and creative urges

• Appoint a mediator for any conflict or dispute that requires a fair outcome or negotiation

• It’s a brilliant spa day; facial, body wrap, massage… aaah

• Purify your space add some fresh flowers, a dash of mint, thyme or sage, spritz a fine fragrance etc. 


Since everyone experiences the energies of the New Moon, bear in mind that with the floaty airy feeling about, there may be a certain amount of indecisiveness at play.

✶ Remember to ground and centre, head in the Heavens, feet firmly on the Earth!

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.