Stepping into Abundance and Prosperity

How to open up to money flow, to allow your Self to receive abundance and experience wealth on all levels when that isn’t exactly what is occurring for you in the present, yet.


Feeling Abundance and Prosperity |



Reader question:


“…one thing I really do not understand. How am I supposed to feel rich or abundant when I am not already?



That seems totally backwards, but I’ve read this many places and tried to feel that way… and just found myself becoming a bundle of nervous energy rather than actually feeling abundant.”




The way I experience this feeling of abundance is by not judging my worth based on any financial duress I find myself in or attempting to place myself in denial about it.




Rather, it is a reminder of the limitlessness of my true essence which has zero to do with material possessions. By aligning with my Soul Self I automatically synchronise with the ubiquitous abundant flow of Creation.




“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” ~ John Muir




Here’s how I do it:


1) Go to a place in nature where you are surrounded by massive trees or beside a body of water. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state and ask your Spirit Helpers to flood your being with diamond light.




2) Breathe in and out deeply and let this light shine through every cell, filling your molecules with light. Then imagine love in its purest form, from the very Source of All That Is, saturating every fibre of your being. Relax into it and feel relief flood through you as you surrender to the flow of life which permeates everything.




3) Acknowledge your Oneness and connection with everything. Stretch your senses into the vastness of Creation and marvel at how amazing life itself is. Open your eyes and take in the bounty of nature around you.




4) Look closely at everything, through the eyes of an innocent, curious child exploring the outdoors. Contemplate how intricate and amazing the workings of nature are, the germination of a seed, the birth of a fawn, the vibrant birdsong and the seemingly simple act of taking air into your lungs.




 Questions for reflection: 


  • How much perfect instruction, energy, activity and love is packed into these things and more?


  • Can you see how rampant these qualities are around and within you already?



You don’t become abundant. You are abundant.

Think of all the things you can do in this human body that you cannot experience in spirit form.




You will find there is a sense of great fullness that builds up within you and you will feel your connection to the Greater Whole strengthened. It is that sacred reverence reverberating in the deepest levels of your cells that creates a true feeling of abundance.




You are the brilliant product of abundance itself. You are whole as you are right now, nothing is missing or lost. You need only reawaken it at your core from within.




Abundant means plentiful, copious and rich. Prosperity is not limited to money or things, it is a state of thriving and flourishing and includes wealth of happiness and health amongst others. Your soul is abundant in learning, adventure, experience and expansion which is what you ultimately chose to incarnate on Earth for.




*I Am Witch. My abundance flows as a result of consciously stirring my connection with All That Is*

Own it. You know you want to.




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