8 Ways Your Empath Abilities Are a Gift Not a Burden

In this post you will gain a deeper understanding about how it works  as well as look at ways you can perceive your empath abilities as a gift and not a hideous burden.


In the previous post I revealed ways you can prevent overwhelm by shielding against taking on the energy of others that doesn’t serve you, how to release it and move it out of your system.


8 Ways Your Empath Abilities Are a Gift | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za



If it seems like there are more empaths around these days, the reason why is that more people are becoming or are already born sensitive and in tune to subtle energies in unprecedented numbers ~ kind of like someone turning up the volume of the quiet background music!




The vibration on Earth has risen higher than ever before (since Lemuria and Atlantis) and affects all of you who are sensitive and intuitive. In the past the denser energy moved like a slow wave over the grid, now this much lighter energy we are living in of a higher vibration moves much more rapidly.




How it works:


A lot like the internet actually! Just as we rely on satellites, massive fibre-optic cables, network servers and spam filters. Your body receives and sends signals, your personal energy lines (meridians) connect with the Earth’s ley lines and you receive updates from the cosmic web.



As a sentient being your electromagnetic field interacts within Earth’s collective electromagnetic field. Your nervous system detects emotional waves from others in your environment and even on a global scale when large numbers of people emit similar waves.




Energy is information in motion at the speed of light squared.
It vibrates.




For instance, research conducted by Roger Nelson for the Global Consciousness Project produced evidence that four to five hours prior to the World Trade Centre attack on 11 September 2001 in New York, there was a significant spike in the global field of consciousness, suggesting a worldwide collective intuition about the impending event (albeit subconscious).



What is occurring is something like an etheric spam filter. Your body is filtering out the denser energy from the old paradigm and you just need to keep releasing it.




8 Ways Your Empath Abilities Are a Gift



1) Your heart chakra is more open so you can commune with the mineral, elemental, plant and animal realms. You can send loving, compassionate energy to areas of natural and/or manmade disasters in distress.



For example, if trees are being cut down you are able to communicate with them to tell them to release life force so they feel no pain. If there is a forest fire you are able to send calming energy to the wildlings and restorative energy to the land.




2) If someone troubled speaks with you (they need not express their concerns) they will feel lighter after interacting with you. Similarly you can tap into physical pain and help relieve it complementary to other treatments. Empaths make proficient Reiki practitioners and you can combine this with whatever industry you are in.




3) As much as you are inclined to deeply reach into the heaviness of others you are able to absorb wonderful and beautiful things too such as joy, love, laughter, picturesque sunsets, moonlit shores and shooting stars.




4) If you are feeling down and someone happy enters your space you can feel an upward spiral in mood instantly too!




5) You are able to feel into the heart of what someone is really saying, perceive underlying motives and potential futures as well as past traumas they have experienced based on the flow of the person’s energy. This helps you be fully present with them. While at times it may feel uncomfortable, it allows you to be of higher service to them.




6) Have you noticed that people tend to seek you out? Your energy draws them, inexplicably like a moth to the flame. Sometimes they can’t help spilling their secrets to you and revealing truths.




7) Because you are able to pick up on the atmosphere of a room or place instantly you can use it to your advantage by anticipating the way a conversation or event will go and then projecting energy that transforms it for the best outcome for all concerned.




8) You know precisely when it is a good time to broach a particular topic, or to let it go so you get optimal results where others may not. You know when to “buy” or “sell”, when to advance and when to hold still.




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