What is Grounding?

What it is, why grounding is good for you plus practical examples of how and when to do it.


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Grounding is the process where you consciously clear and reinforce your connection with the life force energy that constantly courses through you and root it firmly into the Earth.



You are a conduit and your body is a vessel, in this way you conduct a greater volume and higher frequency of energy with more ease, ensure a consistent replenishment of life force and exude a more powerful, focussed charge.



Your body is a vessel and in order for you to conduct energy optimally you need to ensure that your channel is clear.




How to Ground Your Energy:



1) Imagine a diamond-like light originating directly from Source energy, entering your crown chakra and travelling downward through all your chakras, down your legs and out from the soles of your feet into the ground, penetrating deep into the Earth’s core.





2) Pull that energy back up through the soles of your feet, up your legs through your base chakra, upward and out the crown chakra. Project this light energy out into space, connecting with our sun, extending it further out to the Grand Central Sun (in the Milky Way) and beyond, connecting with Source.





3) Next, bring the energy back down, drawing it through your crown again and flowing it back into the earth again.




You are now effectively “plugged in” and grounded which means that magic now flows around you and through you with more ease and permeates everything you come into contact with and set intentions for ~ glistening off every thought, emotion, word and deed.




When do you ground?



~ Every morning upon waking, either lying flat on your back, sitting with your feet on the ground or standing with feet slightly apart



~ Before meditation/quiet time in front of your altar



~ Prior to prayer, ritual or spell work before centring and shielding



~ As you align with crystalline energy to build or charge your crystal grid




Optional additional ideas to help you remain grounded throughout the day:



~ Place a Himalayan salt lamp where you spend most of your time



~ Carry or wear a piece of black tourmaline, smoky quartz or petrified wood



~ Drip one or 2 drops of patchouli or geranium essential oil onto a cotton ball and place it in a tight-sealing glass jar, then remove the lid and inhale gently. Refresh as required.




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