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For the purposes of this blog, magick is spelled with a “k” to differentiate it from prestidigitation (stage magic or sleight of hand). All energy is neutral mouldable potential, so it is the practitioner’s intention that shapes different kinds of magick.

What is Magick?

Magick is a constant stream of energy that flows through the spirit and physical realms. Magick is inherent in the stirring breeze, the laughter of a loved one and in a leopard’s stare. Magick is what influences events so that synchronicity occurs. It is quintessentially, life force.

Calling on the subtle energies of both earthly and celestial realms you imbue your spells with the vitality of life force itself. You can amplify and release, invoke and diminish depending on your intent.

You transfer possibilities from your mind symbolically into form from that place within where nothing has ever happened yet and everything is possible.



Just calling to mind tales from cultures past and present about adventure, splendour, magnificent creatures and wishes granted already stirs the creative, spontaneous, dynamic spark within you.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to worship any pantheon, rather honour the Source-spark within so you can take your understanding of the information, blend it with your intuitive inner self and fit it into with what feels right for you.

We are flowing magick all the time unaware through our auras we give and receive life force our chakras filter the energy we receive psychically and from the earth we walk on, the sky above us, as well as with whom we interact and what we take into our bodies through food, drink and breath.

Sometimes you come away inspired by your interaction with someone, then you could say you’ve been touched by magick from a natural source-ress or source-rer. They may be using it unaware but nevertheless it enriches their life and that of those around them.


What Does It Mean To Practise Magick?

Practising magick is the art of incurring change consciously and exercising influence over your environment by deliberately channelling and directing this life force toward a specific purpose.

Magick can be used for healing (body, mind, heart and spirit) as well as finding practical solutions to everyday problems.

For example:

It’s that spontaneous delicious flow where say you had encountered writer’s block and put the thought out there as your head hit the pillow that you would like something to help you move past it to present and the next day you get an email about a new book with step by step exercises that already start stirring your creativity while reading about it.




The practical application of this is the deliberate practise of magick through some form of ritual gesture that may or may not draw on the vibrational essence of earth, sky and an archetypal collective intelligence to enhance your personal magnetism for a specific intention.

For example:

Lucy takes a black candle on a Friday night at waning moon, dressing it with some rosemary oil. She then pauses in a calm, centred state to clarify her intention for the working and asks the Overlighting Spirit of rosemary to aid her in her request. Lucy then lights the wick with the intention of removing any blocks to her creativity.

So Lucy would be drawing on Venus for help with creativity, the colour black a silent, inward colour that holds a frequency that opens up deeper levels of the subconscious and the essence of rosemary which is known for its cleansing properties but also carries a consciousness that helps you remember who you are.

Combining these components with a waning lunar phase imbues the spell with the natural rhythm of release. And so the ritual is one multifaceted gesture which essentially is your intention for relief from writer’s block expressed in symbolic form.

The end result could look something like Lucy getting the sudden urge to rearrange her furniture (very Venusian) which opens up a whole new pathway of fresh energy to her writing spot or she may receive a flash insight a few days later that her self-image doesn’t match that of a content, inspired writer and then she consciously makes those adjustments.

The example with the black candle rite I described above would be considered banishing magick because Lucy wanted to dissolve the underlying dynamic of her writer’s block.


Banishing Magick

With banishing magick you can banish a person from your life, but you may prefer to banish their effect on you as a result of some internal buttons they are pressing through their behaviour that you perceive as undesirable. So a lot of the time banishing addresses shadow work around the self.

That said, banishing tweaks vibrational discord or removes resistance and allows the free flow of energy again.

This kind of spell is either cast once off or can be repeated regularly until the issue is resolved if it is something with multiple layers.


Amuletic Magick

Amulets are fashioned to protect, deflect, or prevent. For example, accidents, injury, loss or theft, or interference from lower vibing entities.

This can be done on the fly like tying a knot to hold your intention in place. Or you could make something to carry or wear on your person, like a charm bag you leave in your car or an enchanted keychain.

Traditionally you would select a protective symbol like a lion, gargoyle, dragon or an eye like those Turkish Nazar wards or a crystal like black tourmaline or smoky quartz known for their protective qualities. Amulets can also be placed in the yard to protect your home.


Binding Magick

Makes use of images, objects, symbolic representations or poppets that are bound with cord, wool, string, ribbon or cotton. Contrary to Hollywood, the representation is NOT harmed.

The whole concept of sticking pins in voodoo dolls actually stems from a healing practise from ancient Egypt where pins were placed into the doll that represented the patient in a similar fashion to acupuncture to align, balance or activate areas of the physical or light body.

The issue of free will is often argued here for example, binding a young child to you so they don’t get lost on a holiday trip or binding your teenager from drinking under age or purchasing alcohol.

You can also bind someone who is abusive toward you or symbolically bind a fear of something such as fear of flying. For this type of magick, you can set a period of time E.G. until such time it is no longer required.

Practitioners of magick have also been known to bind a dangerous person who committed a crime in their vicinity and is evading arrest. How this often plays out is the binding causes them to make mistakes that get them caught.


Blessing Magick

In most cases a blessing bestowed upon yourself and/or your environment is intended with the highest level of positive energy to optimise something or other in the best ways.

For example:

Blessing a new appliance like the dishwasher, computer or car to serve you well. I read somewhere once about a study conducted where the people who named their cars had less breakdowns!

Blessings are also great for moving into new business premises, a new home (housewarmings) or introducing an addition to the family like a baby or pet.



Giving thanks to the Universe, it’s workings or your Spirit Helpers that have assisted you or blessed you in some way during your day, week, month or year.

You can do this regularly if you like or whenever you have received something you are greatful for.

Some examples would be; saying a food blessing while preparing or before consuming a meal, burning a gratitude candle on the 31st of December or at each Full Moon or when something you wanted manifests.

Making offerings of fruit, honey, seed for the wildlings. Libations or incense for Ancestral or other Spirits.

And of course beginning your spell by giving thanks as if you have already received what you are asking for or writing out your appreciation on a petition paper and then planting, or burying or burning it.


Talismanic Magick

Talismans are fashioned to attract an object, person or opportunity by creating a symbol to represent your intention

For example:

Love, health or money by enchanting a Tarot Card, Rune, crystal or botanical to draw what it represents to you.

Magic squares and planetary sigils are also popular for instance a planetary talisman associated with Mercury for eloquence or public speaking.

This type of magick is performed during the waxing moon period, sometimes for 3, 7 or 9 days in a row until full moon to supercharge it. Alternatively on the day of the week and/or planetary hour that corresponds with the energy you are enlisting.


Glamour Magick

Is weaving a spell that says “you will see what I want you to see”. This incorporates shapeshifing, cloaking and invisibility as well.

Basically a glamour is when you cast an aura about you so that others see you in that light or through that lens like immersing yourself in a character like the famous actress, world renowned transformational speaker or accomplished author.

Another way to work a glamour is when you apply your lipstick or after shave you set an intention for example, “when you see my ruby red lips you will think only of how much you want to kiss me” or “as you inhale the scent of my after shave you will think only of your cheek beside mine.”

You can “cloak” possessions like a wardrobe you don’t want anyone else snooping in or a car. This is done by tracing a symbol you project from your brow chakra in an electric blue or purple light. The Rune Dagaz or the pentagram are useful in this regard.

You can also trace the glyph for the planet Mercury or the zodiac sign Gemini when mailing packages, to have them arrive at their destination quickly and safely, either with your third eye or using your fingers. You can also write the symbols on the packaging somewhere unobtrusive in pencil.

Glamour magick also incorporates alignment through rich interactive imagination. Here you would choose characters (real or fictional) you admire and extract the qualities you want to emulate and imagine infusing them into the aura you project outwardly to others so they recognise those qualities in you.

Glamour is also useful it you need to construct a “temporary countenance” to get through a specific challenge in your life where you feel you need to take on characteristics you don’t feel you fully own or evoke an archetype you want to embody to keep you moving through that phase.


Sympathetic Magick

Sometimes called “contagious magick” makes use of several kinds of things:

• An object a person has used or a possession worn by them

• Some hair or nail clippings from them

• A signature or handwriting sample

• An image in their likeness like a sketch, poppet, or a photo

• An astrological natal chart


Essentially this is to establish a link between you as the spellcaster and the other person, strengthening an etheric bond. So in sympathy, when you exercise magick over one thing it correspondingly affects the person it came from.

Nail, hair, blood, bodily fluids (like tears, saliva etc) contain DNA which is particularly potent since it holds the individuals’ entire genetic blueprint and ancestral memory.

Now a lot of people think that this is manipulative magick in terms of infringing on another’s free will with what media portrays in love spells and curses but it isn’t only used to dominate someone.

Sympathetic magick can be used to send healing to someone, locate a lost pet or surround someone who may be in danger with a fiery wall of protection.

If you want to create a link between yourself and anything such as a ritual candle, or a talisman or amulet place some of your saliva on it as it contains your DNA and thus links your essence with what you are connecting to symbolically but it also enlists your ancestral spirits who are willing and able to set synchronicity at play for you by arranging synchronicities on your behalf.

Usually, this type of magick is performed once-off and the object or possession is left on an altar to charge until it is no longer needed, kept in a safe place until such time it is no longer needed, taken apart and scattered into wind or moving water, burnt or buried.


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