Bless Your Wand in 7 Easy Steps |

What to do with a wand in your magick making and how to make it a powerful ritual tool.

The wand has long been associated with magickal practitioners such as witches, wizards and faery godmothers.

But what is its purpose really? Does it hold any meaning beyond pointing it willy-nilly and reciting some gibberish? Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

Quite simply, your wand is representative of your will. Watch where you point that thing! *cackle* Wands are associated with the element of fire that oversees vision, passion, inspiration and the quality wands are most renowned for ~ transformation.


A wand is a symbolic extension of your mind and when you deliberately wield one with intention you are unifying your vision with Universal Mind.


Unlike the fictional stories where the magick maker is dependent on their wand and common storylines dictate that it to be stolen or broken rendering the bearer powerless and vulnerable… real mages don’t rely on a specific ritual item for their power. It comes from within.

Using a wand in ritual is an embellishment to trigger your subconscious and enter the effective, relaxed alpha mind state for greater awareness, creativity and receptivity.


Bless Your Wand in 7 Easy Steps


Step One: The Gathering

Here you may either have received a dream or message during meditation about what your wand looks like or needs to be made of. Alternatively you may simply feel inspired to visit your local flea market or occult shop and find the perfect wand for your hand waiting for you to take it home! If the urge hasn’t struck you yet and you want to obtain one, put the thought out there…


Step Two: Purifying

If you are making your own wand, pack all the items out before you in your chosen workspace and visualise them saturated by brilliant violet or white light. If you have purchased the wand, do the same so as to remove any of the maker’s residual energy.


Step Three: Blessing

Call upon your Spirit Helpers (or your preference) in the most comfortable way for you. Ask for their assistance in this wand blessing rite.

Imagine drawing in a brilliant light through your crown chakra, down your chakric column and allowing it to flow from beneath your feet deep into the Earth. Bring your awareness back up from the Earth into your heart centre. Sense a melding of the Earth and Sky energy there until your heart feels aglow.

Holding your wand before your heart centre let the light from your entire aura expand outward so that it encompasses your wand as well. In your mind’s eye envision the wand alight with energy, becoming a molecular extension of you, imbuing it with your soul essence and the ancient wisdom that resides within your DNA.


Step Four: Strengthening

If your wand is fashioned for example from a cinnamon stick or harvested oak twig consciously connect with the overlighting deva of the wood. If it is made from clay connect with the soil from the earth, the air, water and fire that all contributed to its creation.

If there is a crystal incorporated such as amethyst, clear quartz or lapis lazuli to amplify the psychic charge do the same as well as enlivening any metals such as silver or copper by visualising a rich flow of energy being conducted by them. Ask each component in turn to strengthen and bless your magick.


Step Five: Imprinting

State your intent for the wand to represent a merging of your mind with Universal mind every time you pick it up. Ask that all magick wielded by your wand be in accordance with divine grace, seeding only the highest outcomes of copious possibilities.

If you have received a name for your wand, officially dub it and then you can carve its name into the wood, alternatively sing or chant its name into the very fibres it is made of. You may feel inspired to trace signs in the air like Runes, Reiki symbols or pentagrams in each direction with your wand.


Step Six: Closing

Thank your Spirit Helpers (or your preference) for their presence and assistance.

Put your wand down and release any excess energy within your aura into the ground. Have something to eat and drink to ground and stabilise your energy.

Place an offering of gratitude outside such as rum, tobacco, beer, milk, honey, fruit, seeds and nuts or incense as you feel called to.


Step Seven: Storing

Place your wand in a pouch, box or wrap it in cloth. As a ritual item you want to keep its frequency pristine and attuned to yours.

When you merge your will with universal mind, it’s not about controlling the elements. It’s about controlling the factors you do have power over such as your words, sentiments and deeds. Consciously raising them to the highest degree you are capable of, deliberately shaping your vibration to commune with the elements as you align with a world that is resonant.


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