This post aims to highlight reasons to celebrate the beautiful, wise, divinely loved being you are!

Given that there is often more emphasis on why it’s difficult to be yourself around others who just don’t operate at the same level of consciousness as you do and therefore don’t understand your way of thinking and feeling; creating a sense of isolation, confusion and longing for your soul tribe!


It breaks my heart that there are natural lightweavers out there thinking that you are doing something wrong by engaging in what naturally feels so right.

That you aren’t comfortable being you and might even think you are the only person who feels, sees or thinks this way. This is for those times that tear at your seams…


1. You get to experience things many others who are too fearful or fast asleep cannot. Such as shifting awareness, stepping into alternate realities and opening doors with your imagination to bring vision into form. Nurture your own cadence so that society and illusion has no effect on you.


2. You know there is more to you than you can perceive or express when you find yourself gazing into a flame or up at the moon or leaning into the consciousness of a tree that fosters an innate respect and compassion for all life. Have faith that the vast majority of humanity senses this too.


3. You get to connect with the natural rhythms of earth, sky and primal sea that fulfils you in a way nothing artificial can ~ bringing meaning and purpose to life that links you to the rest of the universe instead of being reduced to just another number.


4. Every now and then you get a glimpse of the marvellous power that drives the cosmos and it makes you smile. The more you pay attention to love, beauty, light and magick the more you recognise it in everything. Appreciate the ancient voices in the plants, the stars and on the wind that have prevailed because others like you have not forgot a time where magick reigned.


5. You get to express your deepest self and knowledge from your powerful subconscious mind in ways that cannot be expressed by language. Dance, ritual, art, poetry, music and the like trigger a sense of identity at the very centre of your being.


6. According to research conducted between 1990 and 2001 Paganism is the fastest growing belief system in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. I’d venture to say there has been a significant spike since then (and in many other countries) since the various activations in consciousness that commenced in December 2012.


7. With rapid advances in technology physicists are frequently verifying the metaphysical principles upon which the Craft is based, affirming the universal laws upon which magick (and all of Creation) operates. This will increasingly impact the way the majority thinks and incite further exploration as these constructs become mainstream.


8. You have everything you need right now in this moment to live the life you love. Trust that whenever something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would it is not a “no” just a “not this way” and know that things actually worked out unexpectedly well without you being able to see why just yet.


9. You don’t have to feel alone in your abilities reaching out and finding others like you via the interweb means you don’t have to figure it all out on your own! Moving like spirit packs of wolves or prides of lions we reinforce principles and ideals that positively impact the greater whole. Together as a soul tribe we imprint our legacy in the planet’s grid for future generations to strengthen and uphold.


You are appreciated Magickal One! You are heard.

Your heart and soul touch the Earth and all of Creation in a way greater than your human mind can comprehend right now. You are making a difference just by being here. You are not alone. Shine your light like starfire across a dark sky no matter what they say.

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