Meaning of Witch |

Let’s begin by getting comfortable with the word w-i-t-c-h

Being a witch has nothing to do with waving a wand, spouting some gibberish and voila! It has nothing to do with hereditary gifts or gender roles.

You don’t need to be initiated as part of a formal tradition, participate in a coven, buy a bunch of supplies you don’t need like special tools or fancy ingredients. And you do not need an elaborate altar space to engage in time-consuming complex rituals.


As electromagnetic beings we are in a constant state of flux ~ receiving and sending energy. Everyone is born a witch, able to bend and shape energy to better navigate the flow of life. Just like everyone is to some extent an empath, and just like we are all accessing intuitive guidance (consciously or subconsciously).

You just forgot how to be one. You have been lead to believe you are powerless and subject to external circumstances that shape your life. You react to your circumstances instead of deliberately shaping them.


Spirit and matter are not separate. You are limitless and free, feel the flow of Universal energy, harness it and cast your intentions out into the ethers with certainty so that they may draw to you manifest.


Can you feel your cells pulsing?

Do you acknowledge your role as an energy master?

Feel the pulse of the universe with every fibre of your being. Source energy flows around you and through you without end.


• You gain wisdom from your experiences. Through gathering knowledge you are inspired to imagine the impossible into the possible. You are timeless, pure potential exists in a time without time in a place without a place.

• You are centred because you accept oneness with Universal energy at all times and you are happy because you are whole and all your needs are already met.


What it means to be a Witch

Wise to the workings of the universe, since Spirit and matter are not separate you know you have the power over how you choose to respond to the cards life deals you and that in turn dictates the quality of your experiences because the power resides within you to choose how you will respond.


Inspired by all the beauty, light and magick you see around you in your everyday environment and the conscious connection to the life force you feel pulsing in your cells. Ready to listen and act on synchronicity and messages spirit sends you all the time. Willing to open up to the creativity of your soul.


Timeless because witches operate outside of time and space. There is no linear timeline from A to B we are multidimensional beings operating within a greater consciousness. We know that magick is not held in any object, place greatest point of power, it is inherent in the present moment. Everything we express from here on out determines what unfolds next, which potential version of reality you step in to.


Centred from consciously attuning to your inner guidance and listening to it, staying calm even in the face of chaos, confusion or distraction because it becomes a habit so you return to your centre more easily and don’t allow drama to take over your life, directing you blindly with suppressed emotion.


Happy because you get to be comfortable in your own skin, be authentically you and express your unique talents in this world!


The Meaning of Witch |


In conclusion, for me a Witch is someone (any gender) who is self-aware, comfortable in their personal power, feels connected to the creative forces of the universe (Source/nature) while trusting in their ability to influence the way things are beyond the confines of visible matter and create a life they enjoy living, free from suppression, that also benefits the Greater Whole.


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