Is it possible to honour some of what you grew up with and your ancestry while honouring nature and the cycles of the Earth?

By my definition, a spiritual path is a living philosophy, that is, a set of underlying principles which govern a lifestyle. It’s like any other set of behaviours we adopt based on our core values such as vegetarianism, Yoga, fitness, beauty etcetera.

It is a very personal spiritual practise that adapts and grows with the individual’s self-expansion, inspired connection and understanding of the cosmos.


The practice of magick is a path related to living consciously and understanding how your thoughts, words and deeds affect the nature of your reality from the inside out to incur change, in my opinion, is a lifestyle not a religion because it blends in with your belief system.


It is of important to bear in mind that practicing magick teaches you to walk in your own power and the ruling powers of the day used organised religion to disconnect the masses from their personal power centres. So they could manipulate them into doing what they wanted, distracting the masses from their true nature, abilities and the actual purpose of the human experience.

Sadly this insidious deception infiltrated leaders’ behaviour throughout the ages in most cultures and thus the underlying teachings of organised religions across the board became tainted. Even when these faiths sprouted mystic branches that developed into a magickal system practised by their followers.


Thus, magick can be practised under the umbrella terms of “folk magick” and “superstition” syncretically within other belief systems and religious branches. This may or may not include deity, honouring of spirits and observing seasonal change.

Not all magickal practitioners are pagan and not all pagans are witches. Not all Pagans engage in ritual or spellcasting, just like not all Catholics attend weekly mass or regular Confession.


The term ‘Pagan’ was originally coined by Roman Christians after they invaded Britain. In context, the term meant anyone who was not Christian.

However, today the term pagan is a broad umbrella term used to indicate anyone who is ascribed to a nature-based, Goddess-God or polytheistic religion, belief, or philosophy and not one of the three Abrahamic (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) religions. Therefore Buddhists and Hindus could be considered Pagan.


The word magick means many things to a lot of different people.


So to be clear, I use the term cosmic lightweaving, and here is what it means to me:


A cosmic lightweaver is someone who wants to incorporate magick, light and love into their everyday life to shine their inner light shine as brightly as possible to contribute to the upliftment of the planet, anchoring a higher frequency for the good of all.


A cosmic lightweaver naturally gravitates toward working with lunar phases, the sun, moon, planets and stars as well as astrology (planetary transits, alignments, eclipses and the zodiac) into their magickal workings.


It’s not about what you overtly do; it’s about the frequency you carry. That’s the alchemy of Source energy expressing through you in your day-to-day interactions to feel fully alive and deeply connected to all of who you are. i.e. Source-ry

If this resonates for you, read on…


You don’t have to dress or behave bizarrely to express your inner magick.

Due to misinformation and the resulting prejudice, it isn’t always practical or possible to represent the magick within in everyday life. It doesn’t make you any less magickal when you aren’t explicit about your path though.

The most powerful mages are the quiet ones, who consciously walk between the worlds of spirit and matter, because they are comfortable in their choices and confident accessing their power centre, so they don’t require shock value or approval to walk their talk.

Your intrinsic power is molecular and you can activate the magick woven in your DNA by establishing a relationship with the Elements of creation and drawing power from the Earth and Sky, in unseen ways. You know the word ‘occult’ means hidden, yes? Like when during an eclipse the light is partially ‘occulted’ for a while.


You don’t have to overtly do anything, once activated it beams from the inside out throughout your aura, like a cosmic transmitter. Your frequency affects everything you perceive, everything you touch, everyone you encounter and every place you go.

It is kind of like wearing sexy underwear ~ nobody else need know it is there but it still gives you the psychological edge! Let the sparkle in your soul set your cells aglow.


You don’t have to build elaborate altars or engage in long complex rituals.

As a magickal practitioner you can energise your intention by using simple symbolic gestures such as lighting a candle, burying a crystal, blowing on a dandelion clock or casting a shell back into the ocean.

The magick is not in the objects but is part and parcel of you; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The symbolic act of sacred ritual itself reinforces your intention consciously, and in a physical manner reaffirms that your prayer is heard and already answered.

Ritual is prayer in motion. It melds the left and right brain. It lends tangibility to the subtle energies you are drawing on and rearranging to create profound shifts within that will reflect without.


You don’t have to procure rare ingredients or expensive arcane tools.

Magick arises from your energy. You are imbuing your creations with neutral life force and therefore heartfelt intention, mindset and vibrational signature is what shapes it.

The “magic powers” from the wonderful witches, wizards and superheroes in movies and books that resonate so deeply within your core are cues to remind you that you possess this magic too.


When you work with primordial Source energy/life force it is ready accessible from within your being and in the environment immediately around you. You can call upon the Overlighting Spirits of Earth, Sky and the sea of Spirit within which we all exist for assistance (even if you live in the city).

Magick entwines intellect, imagination and intuition. YOU are the obscure, rare ingredient! Your chakras filter the energy you receive psychically from the Earth you walk on, the stars and planets above you, as well as with whom you interact and what you take into your body through food, drink and breath.


You don’t have to worship or inveigle an array of foreign deities.

While I respect the ancient forces of nature, the cosmos and the Collective Unconscious, I worship none. I work directly with creative Source energy, in short, pure life force  ̶  a perfect amalgamation of the sacred feminine and masculine/ Yin and Yang. Thus I consider myself a Source-ress.

Connecting and aligning with the natural rhythms and cycles of the sun, moon and stars keeps me grounded, energised and creates a sense of fulfilment within me.

At times I will evoke an archetypal energy to direct that energy into a ritual or spell; something that epitomises the essence of what I am creating. This could be an elemental or celestial energy, like an archangel or overlighting deva of the mineral or plant variety or my ancestral spirit helpers.


It’s like hiring a creative team that glides along sentient energy to draw people, situations and circumstances in your favour into your realm. These energies weave strands of the matrix together for synchronicity to occur.

I focus on the underlying tenets of energy-craft in a way that brings the ancient wisdom stirring within my cells to life and how this living philosophy can be applied in practical ways to live a happier, more fulfilling life by bringing the best of myself to my journey and integrate it in my frame of reference.


“There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

̶  Morpheus, The Matrix film


At the end of the day, do what resonates best with you and works best for you. For me, religion feels ordered and structured with someone else telling you what is acceptable or permissible and what is not. Whereas a living philosophy provides knowledge and guidance from which you discern your own truth.

You are your own Priest/ess, the same life essence pervades you as any other sentient being. You decide who you dedicate your petitions and words of thanks to.


Ultimately your personal spiritual path becomes a well-loved leaf from your book of life. Like a favourite recipe that you modify and tweak depending on where you are and what tools you have available.

You might have finished reading this article feeling like “well, leaping lizards, I have no clue about how or where to start” and that’s alright. The best way to get clarity is to BEGIN taking those few steps to connect with your power centre, develop your intuitive abilities and use practical magick in the real world to create a life you love and reach your dreams.

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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.