Understanding The Shadow

Do you keep hearing people talking about shadow work? Wondering what are they referring to? Read on…



Understanding the Shadow | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za



The Shadow is everything inside us that we believe we are not.



By recognising the behaviour, you own it i.e. “it takes one to know one.” We can see our shadow through all our projections of what we love and hate the most in our world. 



For example, despising violence can mean you have repressed impulses of violence. Another example, is the Pro-Lifer who guns down a Doctor that works at an abortion clinic.




Conversely, any qualities we think we lack that we see in others is our ‘Light Shadow’ that is, we believe they have something we do not. Which is definitely not the case! Whatever you admire in others, you have within you already. Within darkness there exists light, for darkness serves the light.




Your Shadow aspect continues to push you into the light, to a degree, it draws your challenges to you, because you project your unowned traits onto others and find yourself surrounded by people and situations that you abhor.



Own your traits, recognise them, embrace them and accept that they are part of you. Once you’ve achieved this, the shadow will no longer run your life.




There is no good or bad, black or white, light or dark. Duality is an illusion ~ it is a manmade concept like time. There is only reflection, choice and neutral energy which holds the potential to be crafted by your intention.




As above, so below. That which occurs within ourselves is reflected in our external reality and we see our ‘shadow’ selves or ‘light’ selves in others.




We are molecules in motion so our cells vibrate, emitting energy frequencies that determine lower or higher vibratory rates. Similar vibratory rates cohere together so that is why some things are just not in the experience of others because they cannot be detected by them as they are on a different dimension.




Carl Jung said, “a very bright light casts a very dark shadow.” And that is exactly what we are seeing on our planet now, the more light (awareness) that enters due to shifts in consciousness, the more noticeable the shadows become.




You can only transmute the shadows if they are illuminated otherwise they remain below your level of awareness, unaddressed.




*I Am Witch. Light is information. Love is creation. Shadow is my teacher.*

Own it. You know you want to.




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