Archangel Gabriel Angel Magick |

The type of magick you can work with Archangel Gabriel, associations for your altar plus an incantation.

Angels don’t necessarily appear as shining winged beings.

They could take on human form or even a part human and animal form like the original cherubs who had four faces; human, eagle, ox and lion.


Somehow cherubs were reduced to chubby baby-like beings ~ I presume for the same purpose that the Fae were diminished. Angels may appear as flaming pillars of light or shapes of opalescent air. Sometimes they materialise as humans that exude a comforting, loving or protective presence.

I consider wings a symbol of the higher frequency and ability to move between dimensions. Feathers are often associated with angels, but have you stopped to think why? I can’t help but notice when I pick up a feather whatever colour, shape or size that it resembles a vortex in some way; a conduit from the spiritual to the physical.

You have wings too! See images of wings embedded in the human body here.


Gabriel’s name is Sumerian in origin and means “governor of light” or “strength of God”.


Archangel Gabriel is also known as Abruel, Jibril, Jiburili, Serafili.


Archangel Gabriel is known as the messenger angel and assists with raising your vibration/consciousness and getting clear on the next best step for you.

Call upon her (him to some) to assist with matters regarding children and spreading higher messages through any form of art or communication media.


What many don’t know about her is that she is the guardian of Goddess/divine feminine energy on Earth, safeguards those who serve this energy and also oversees transformation, death and revelation of mystery.

According to Hebrew legend, whilst in the womb we retain all memory of other incarnations until Archangel Gabriel arrives just before we are born, pressing a finger to our lips and uttering “Shh.”

This is when we take on the veil of forgetting who we are and where we originate from as we enter this plane. The “proof” of this myth is in the cleft of our upper lip ~ the fingerprint of Gabriel.


Archangel Gabriel Magick |


Gabriel assists with

• Opening doors of opportunity to display and express your talents

• Inspiring and motivating artists and human advocates/messengers to move past procrastination, perfectionism and/or fear regarding rejection and criticism

• Instilling strength and courage during attempts to conceive or an adoption process

• Providing a sense of calm and blissful centeredness for expectant parents to create a harmonious atmosphere for the baby

• Poise in delivering a message e.g. workshop, speech, performance

• Finding the right agent, representative, publisher or public relations strategist

• Easing and balancing emotional currents, discouragement and confusion

• Developing intuition, interpreting dreams and spirit messages

• Shifting perspective on a situation

• Understanding your life plan/mission on Earth

• Connecting to spirit through experiencing or creating beauty and art

• Guiding and supporting a career involving children such as a teach­er, counsellor, author, artist or performer

• Overseeing pregnancy and childbirth, raising children and concerns over wellbeing

• Enlist Archangel Michael for assistance regarding bullying (physical or cyber)

• Orchestrating periods of major change such as in your career or moving home


Power Day: Monday

Colours: white light with sparkles or flashes of copper (varies between individuals)

Connection scents: Jasmine, rose, mandarin, yarrow

Connection crystals: moonstone, selenite, aquamarine


Suggested general incantation:


“Archangel Gabriel, shower your energy of guidance harmony and transformation upon me.


Open my heart and mind to ideas and inspiration that


allow for fluid expression of my uniqueness.


Show me my nest best step and draw the perfect people and


opportunities into my life for me now.”


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And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.