Archangel Raphael Angel Magick |

The type of magick you can work with Archangel Raphael, associations for your altar plus an incantation.

For people of different belief systems, angels can become somewhat of a common ground.

Through sharing experiences, books and simply adding them to décor or even cuisine, a diverse gathering can all relate in some way.


An angelic being is a spiritual essence most widely associated as a messenger between realms. They have been described in all major religions but are now increasingly popular beyond formal religion by those seeking to connect with more of their own spiritual nature.

Some people may feel uncomfortable calling on angels by their traditional religion-oriented names, so instead of specifically naming an angel you can refer to them by their expertise such as, “the angel of communication” or “angel of protection”.


Angelics are indeed magical beings and they adore ritual, whether you are actively inviting them or just asking them to lend their light to your working they are eager to contribute energy and carry your intentions to the higher planes.

I’m also not advocating giving your power away and relying on the angels to tend to your every need as if as though you are helpless or incapable of creating your own outcomes – it’s just useful to have a little help from your magical friends who can see further and move swifter.


The Hebrew word rapha means “doctor” or “healer”.

Archangel Raphael is also known as Labbiel which means “The Shining One who heals.”


Raphael assists with all forms of healing; the Earth and all creatures upon her including humankind. Healing is not restricted to the physical body but encompasses mind, emotion and spirit as well as space clearing and auric cleansing.

Call upon Raphael for safe travel, passage, aiding in smooth accommodation, customs and luggage arrangements. Travel also includes spiritual journeys like astral travel, shamanic vison quests and so on.

Raphael is the angel who gifted Solomon with the pentagram, a gold ring engraved with it to “subdue all demons”. (I’m inclined to interpret “demons” as lower astral entities). He is also the patron saint of the blind and helps develop your inner vision.


Archangel Raphael Magick |


Raphael assists with

• Dissolving negative blocks on all levels

• Enhancing health and happiness

• Abundance (focussing on your heart’s desire and envisioning it clearly)

• Stimulating creativity and vision

• Finding lost pets

• Reducing and eliminating addictions and cravings

• Consolation in grief

• Divination and development of psychic skills

• Revealing and communicating truth

• Bringing greater spiritual connection into your life

• Restoring wholeness to your being

• Inspiration for study, research and deeper knowledge

• Increasing focus and concentration

• All learning and practice of music, mathematics, sciences and anything related to the healing fields and medicine whether allopathic or alternative


Power Day: Wednesday

Colours: Sparkles or flashes of emerald green light (this varies between individuals)

Connection scents: Rosemary, lemongrass, fennel and bay

Connection crystals: Seraphinite, moldavite, green tourmaline


Suggested general incantation


“Archangel Raphael, immerse me in your abundant healing energy,


help me to exercise my co-creative abilities and


perceive truth in my surroundings,


dissolve any negative blockages causing


disharmony on my path and


protect me on all journeys ~


body, mind, heart and soul.”


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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.