Archangel Uriel Angel Magick |

The type of magick you can work with Archangel Uriel, associations for your altar plus an incantation.

The higher your vibration is the easier it is to connect with and receive messages from angelics.

When you are consumed with heavy emotions or negativity it’s like you are tuned into two different channels.

Relaxation, meditation, music and candlelight help facilitate an optimal frame of mind.

You may notice their presence through appealing to whichever your natural strongest sense is. You may see them, hear them, smell a fragrance they manifest with or feel them.


Calling on the angels for assistance and actively asking them for intervention does not mean you are worshipping them; rather they act as a bridge between realms. Give your wishes to the angels, they’ll take them higher!

You may ask for their assistance and receive messages or inspiration from angelics in a variety of ways such as;

• A vivid dream

• Waking up with a brilliant idea

• A thought enters your mind that leads you into taking an action you otherwise may have overlooked

• You hear another voice speak as if there is someone else in the room (this is not the same as mental illness, in the sense that the voice never tells you to harm yourself or others).


Ask angelics to help you communicate the highest truth and compassion through all you say and do, ask them to guide your actions and facilitate the highest outcomes for all involved.

Ask angelics to support your goals for the day whether it be finding a new job, protecting your family or happening upon the perfect gift for someone.

They are multidimensional and non-physical so they don’t get tired and have the ability to be in a myriad of places all at once. So when you ask for assistance you are not taking them away from their duties or impairing their abilities to help others.


Uriel’s name means “God’s light” or “fire of God”.


Uriel assists those who offer ministration to others e.g. social workers, lawyers, teachers and journalists. Uriel is the guardian of writers and psychics who aim to serve the greater good through their work.

Archangel Uriel is associated with thunder and lightning and assists in averting or healing and recovering from natural disasters and Earth changes.

Uriel is regarded as the angel who brought knowledge and practise of alchemy and the Kabbalah to humankind and is often depicted holding a flame of light, offering illumination to humankind.


Archangel Uriel Magick |


Uriel assists with

• Gathering insight and data that illuminates questions you have

• Understanding of prophesy/predictions

• Interpreting spiritual wisdom and teachings

• Supporting Earth shifts and influencing weather patterns

• Finding practical solutions to everyday problems

• Forming answers or explanations in tests or boardroom meetings

• Studies in alchemy and magick

• Instilling universal wisdom and self-forgiveness

• Developing collective peace, forgiveness and compassion

• Promoting co-operation

• Releasing toxic situations and emotions like regret, sorrow, pain, guilt, shame or blame.

• Removing deeply rooted fears held from other incarnations

• Renewing dedication to see aspirations through

• Halting gossip and slander

• Bringing personal and spiritual expansion (beware because with expansion comes cleansing/removal of what no longer matches who you are and/or more of what you are placing your attention on)!


Power Day: Thursday

Colours: Purple flashes of light with gold sparkles (varies between individuals)

Connection scents: clove, lemon balm (melissa), patchouli and sandalwood

Connection crystals: labradorite, ametrine (amethyst & citrine) and rutile quartz


Suggested general incantation:


“Archangel Uriel, pour purple and gold energy throughout my being,


granting me alignment with divine will and unified mind.


Erase any fear blocking my heart’s desires and saturate my being with deep peace and


universal wisdom so that I may perceive through the eyes of Source,


more easily embrace forgiveness and cease judging others and myself.


I claim this on all levels now.”


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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.