Tips to Change Thought Patterns |

Feeling stuck in a mental washing machine that churns the same old same old around in your head? Here are some ways to refresh and reinvigorate your thought patterns.

Who you are is whatever you think and in turn communicate (verbally and non-verbally) yourself to be. What transpires in your thoughts filters into your body and manifests in the physical.


• How are your thoughts affecting your life?

• Do you need to re-focus your thoughts?

• Are you expressly holding a clear, contented vision of yourself and your life as it is right now?

• Are you using the creative potential of your mental faculties to BE in a new level of being?


The path of Source-ry (crafting your personal energy on purpose with purpose) for most of us involves becoming mindful of our thoughts. However, even the most seasoned Wise One can sometimes become ensnared in a comfort zone, slowly ripening into a prison of their own making.


In this very moment you hold the power to re-align, re-communicate, re-envision, re-think and in some cases re-activate who you are in order to become a truer expression of your Self.


Here are 4 Ways To Step Into a Growth Mindset 

1) “How are you? What have you been doing?” If you find yourself secretly cringing when asked this question, sighing and trying to avoid the subject… 

Take some time to make a list of all of the changes that you have made personally, in and around the home or at the office and/or list events that have happened in the past five years such as; moving, renovating, learning new skills, watching children grow and making new friends.

If your list looks lacklustre and not one single thing has changed or been added to your life in the past five years, it’s time to instigate new openings! 


2) Track your thoughts and resultant speech by typing or writing them out so you can re-read them at the end of the day or week. In this way you can find out how much energy you direct toward thinking and talking about past or ‘negative’ events or how often you inject anxiety in to a situation that has not yet occurred. You will also see how much energy you expend on thinking and talking about what is great right now, no matter how trivial it may seem and the magic yet to follow.


3) Consciously shift your energy. When you find yourself repeating a draining thought or story either out loud or within inner dialogue, think of something that lights you up.

For example, replay a fond memory that brings a smile to your face, imagine something hilarious happening around you or block out 10 to 20 minutes of your time to get a quick fix on an interest that excites you, like reading about it online, planning your next creative project or looking at inspirational images. 


4) Be honest, are you just waiting for a better version of life to arrive? Do you have a ream of goals, dreams and desires that all relate to the future? Does your wish list close the gap between where you are now and would like to be or does it make it feel so wide that you’re overwhelmed and doubt any possibility of ever fusing it? 

It doesn’t all have to be BIG like giving up your day job and travelling around the world. It can be as small as a book you are eager to read, a film you really want to see or a nearby place you are drawn to go and visit. 


When you scatter your wish list with gems of various shapes and sizes that you are confident in your ability to see to fruition, you will find the gap closing a lot quicker and the thought of it becomes much more inevitable. 


Power Mantra:

My thoughts are seeds imbued with the substance of my being.

✶ If you like working with crystals, use a combination of haematite and rose quartz. This combination will assist in revealing life patterns and enhance awareness of your true self. You can hold them while meditating, place them beside your bed, on your desk or set up a crystal grid.

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