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How do you put your thoughts into words about what you believe in, when it comes to explaining your spiritual path to others?

In can get confusing to put the “right” label on yourself, particularly if you are eclectic in nature and don’t follow one definitive creed that others can easily recognise.

Obviously I won’t be able to cover my entire worldview in this blog post but it is my intention that by sharing what I feel resonates at my core, may help you to identify what feels good for you.


Everything in this post is based on my personal opinion and understanding. Use discernment. Take it into your heart and see how it resonates for you. Don’t accept anything as true for you just because someone told you it is (even me)!

I am not your direct connection to Source (or your preference) although I specialise in facilitating the space for you to deepen that greater connection within you so you can go from spiritual knowing to cosmic being fast.


I consider my path a living philosophy rather than a religion and I have no interest in any traditional or formal aspects of religious belief (no offence to anyone following a specific tradition). Truthfully, I don’t take to anyone telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it or whether I can do it.

My path is integrative and somewhat shamanic. My specialty is spiritual expansion through cosmic connection therefore, my teachings are such with no loyalty to any particular tradition or formal aspect of religious belief other than what intuitively feels right. I encourage you to do the same in our time together. Thus, I’ve chosen the label astrotheurgist for myself because it fits my practice best.


As an astrotheurgist I am interested in forming a relationship with the celestial intelligence that governs the energy of various things on the Earthly material plane to forge a link between myself and the associated luminary, star or planet. Like an “astro-shaman” drawing the celestial energies into the physical plane for personal growth or creative expression.

As a spiritual facilitator, Usui Reiki master and universal crystal healer I facilitate starlight rites, high frequency infusions and DNA activations for spiritual seekers all over the globe to dissolve blocks, enhance your intuition and boost your spiritual connection so that you experience more beauty, light and magick on your path.


The learning never stops; it is experiential, expansive and empowering. Joseph Campbell said, “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”

When in doubt, place your hands over your heart and ask the love that resides there to guide you. Your mind can be deceived, but your heart cannot.


How to explain what you believe as an eclectic free-spirit | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za


My God-Source is not an isolated superior entity from me. We are one and the same. I don’t require an intermediary for what I am capable of doing myself. (And neither do you).

In this incarnation I am expressing my divinity in a physical, sensorial plane. Just like you. There is nothing to fix for I am already a whole divine being choosing to find expression in a human form. 


While I respect the ancient forces of nature, the cosmos and the Collective Unconscious, I worship none. I work directly with creative Source energy, in short, pure life force, a perfect amalgamation of the sacred feminine and masculine. 

I do not work with gods and goddesses in any formalised manner whatsoever such as a specific pantheon, neither am I devotee to a patron/matron deity. I firmly accept that worship on any level is placing the power outside of myself and giving it away to something external as perceived separate from me.


We are all interconnected as we stem from the same Source which flows through us all the time as life force. I maintain a relationship with Spirit Allies through meditation and when I pray I commune with Spirit/Source directly.

Connecting and aligning with the natural rhythms and cycles of Earth keeps me grounded, energised and creates a sense of fulfilment within me.

At times I will evoke a specific energy to assist with a ritual or spell which I consider archetypal; something that epitomises the essence of what I am creating. This could be an elemental or celestial energy, or a symbol such as a Rune or Tarot card.


At other times I enlist Magickal Allies like an archangel, overlighting deva of the mineral or plant variety or an avatar (embodiment) like Quan Yin or Pallas Athena. I also work with fae and ancestral spirits. Either way, they are just varying expressions of original non-denominational Source energy shaped by our perception across time.

Archetypes are etheric imprints that exist in our psyches; not limited to human form and originating from the Collective Unconscious which holds all of humankind’s experience and knowledge generated throughout time, which we are all able to access upon asking.


Archetypes are the language of the mind and can often convey that which the verbal and written cannot.


Conjuring the assistance of archetypes is actually you extending your ability to perceive through fragments of your deeper self. When you summon them you are collecting information from the Collective Unconscious and widening the reach of your magick. You are simply re-membering an aspect of yourself and restoring it to wholeness within you.


It’s like enlisting a creative team that glides along sentient energy to draw people, situations and circumstances that yield in your favour into your realm. These energies weave strands of the matrix together for synchronicity to occur and are fuelled by the Collective Unconscious through our memory and solicitation of them.

Those who are not remembered or called upon fade out of existence because there is no life force energy flowing their way to sustain them.


Magick is the art of working with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos to bring about change. It involves directing life force energy in a focussed flow that results in an inward shift expressed outwardly in your reality.

Magick is not in pretty arcane objects but is within you; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The symbolic act of sacred ritual itself reinforces your intention consciously and in a physical manner reaffirms that your request is heard and already taking form.

Spells utilise the laws of nature — channelling your Creative Power (spirit) to form a combined force with Earth power (matter) and harmonising your energy beacon with the vibration of what you seek to bring about change. Magick is not something you do, it is something you personify.


Sensuality, relates to the quality of being pleasing to the senses. Most of us tend to give the bulk of our attention to sight then sound, often neglecting touch, taste and smell.

Deliberately expanding your sensuality brings richness and indulgence to the simple things in life such as;

• Really noticing the silky texture when you run your hands through your hair

• Inhaling the fragrance of your favourite organic body wash or lotion

• Eating slowly to savour the flavour of your meal

• Listening to the sounds beyond your immediate environment


Are you aware of your body? Or do you ignore it and take it for granted to just convey you around? Your body hears everything you think. Your cells respond to everything you feel. The least you could do is give it the time of day!

I see so many spiritual seekers get caught up raising their vibration to ascend (whatever they believe it to mean) in order to get away from the physical experience. Which is weird… because that’s precisely why you chose to incarnate here at this time.


So instead of trying to get away from your body to what you know for an eternity as a spiritual being anyway ~ get EMBODIED.

Being fully present in your body connects you to the life force that flows through you and around you. Your body connects you with the sensual experience of this plane and nourishing your senses helps you align with both Earth, Sky and the primordial Sea of Spirit because it attunes you to the here and now.


I am committed to creating better for myself, impacting humanity and all upon planet Earth positively and to contribute to the expansion of the entire universe at large. I choose to be in service from the heart on a soul level NOT to serve as a subject to any one master.

I do not pray to or worship anything to do things for me. Instead, I align with my interconnectedness with the universal whole and ask for assistance in my endeavours, inspiration, understanding and fortitude to keep moving forward.


My spiritual path shifts and expands with my consciousness on different phases of my journey (as does yours). I trust you find these musings helpful in your understanding of your own truth as you explore your cosmic origins and multidimensional nature!


I say my spiritual path is a way of being, a living philosophy, a lifestyle… because it is about seeing the world both for what it is and the potential for what it could be. You have the strength of will and the resolve to take command of your own life, to steer the course of your personal evolution, regardless of how terrifyingly liberating it may seem.


When it comes to living the life you wish to lead, it is helpful to consider that your vision is multifaceted:

➜ Held in your head

➜ Most efficiently conducted from your heart

➜ Carried out on the ground

➜ Influenced by the stars

➜ Co-ordinated by Spirit (whatever that means for you)


Power Mantra:

I am divinity in physical motion, dream-weaving with cosmic consciousness.


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